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t68 platform by rap4. What kind of reviews they have for over use an quality?

Looking at doing a tactical set up. Wondering if the rap4 units are any good? I like the t68 spitfire set up to start with. An is fully interchangeable depending on what for of play I am doing that day. Didn't seem as bulky as the tm15 too me. What you all think about them?
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I had the one that was basically an A5 internally (Gen4 or Gen5?) and it was a great little shooter, compatible with common upgrades too. I've had two of the STBBs, one earlier and one later, and they both felt cheap and had crummy internals plus quite a few of the upgrades were RAP4 only and pricey. I'm guessing there've been a few generations since then but it's worth seeing if someone will let you fiddle with theirs before you commit.

As for the size compared to a TM15 they were all slightly smaller, but there isn't much you can sacrifice - TM15s are a little Mini in a big shell, which you can trim down, modify and repaint fairly easily if that's what you want to do.
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I have had several minis an still got 2. That was one of my main reasons for looking into a tm15 again. I know the le models now are a bit smaller with the shorter fronts. The main consideration on the rpa4 is cause it can go to mag fed too an use the shaped rounds for the occasion needed accurate shot. Plus it comes already camo. Never go wrong with camo. I probably just go ahead an stay with doin a tac1 build. Have performance, reliability an unlimited customs.
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Picked up a beta emag tac1.
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