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are these safe for paintball?

PAINTBALL MASK - Antifog Full Face

they look like airsoft masks. I didnt think you could use airsoft mask for paintball. am I wrong?
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I'm gonna go ahead and say no.
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i play pump because the electronic triggers hurt my feet (i shoot my toes)
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Elite Battle Systems masks, also know as Goggs, these are not safe to use, the lenses on these are known to break upon impact from paintballs.

The lenses were flat and bent when installed, if they developed a crack it would pop open in the middle. That and now they could be 20+ years old.

Look at the bottom of the lens is says "not warranted shatter proof"

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They were however sold as paintball masks years before air-soft existed. These were the first "full coverage" paintball helmets to give top of the head protection. While it is true that they were prone to cracking, I never saw one shatter and sold several of them though I hated wearing them myself. If a person serviced their masks as they are supposed to, they would notice the start of a crack and replace the lens. Before someone gets excited about that statement, remember at this time we were only a couple of years removed from wearing shop goggles. Semis were also not available when these helmets were new so the chances of more than one hit were unlikely.
As Smiley said these lens' would be 20+ years old and would be likely to be brittle now. These belong as wall hangers with a collection of old gear. I could use a lens for the one I have.....
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You'll have a tough time finding a nicer group of people on the internet(even if our opinions all suck).

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I've dealt with canadians several times and I usually undercharge by 2-5 dollars cause I feel bad for them sometimes. Just my 2cents.

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Ebay, camocow200
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For the collector value 16.00 ea is deal.

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That's a great deal right there. If for some reason you pick up a few, I would by at least one of them off of you for sure. I've been trying to find one for a while.
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I see a lot of these still locally... what people do is rock the head piece with a modern lense goggle underneath.

I actually just got a pair with a lot of VL100's off ebay

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IIRC WGP sold them back in the day as a paintball mask. I found them foggy and sweaty, but a friend of mine played in his for at least five years on the original lens.
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PMI also used these. I only remeber the lens already being curved. However cracks would form at the clamping area for the lens. I wish someone would perfect this system and rerelease it.
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