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For non electric loaders my favorite are VL-90s:

The original end caps and lids deteriorate (crack and break) but the loaders are indestructible. Picture above is a vl-90 that Taco attached a standard pod lid to the end of.

They aren't as small or low profile as a sport shot but they do hold up very well which a couple tweaks and feed nicely.
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Sportshot and APP are my two favorites. I never need more than 100 rounds for rec play.
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I use a sportshot when I don't want to carry pods and a modded Winchester when I carry extra pods. I have the app 50 rnd hopper but prefer the Winchester. I have and love my revvy but don't like or see the need for the extra bulk on my series 6.
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i use this hopper.
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I use the APP tac hopper with the speed feed cap.
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I am with VL-90 is a great pump hopper. It feeds well, is a good size and is very tough (except the lid, as mentioned).
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my usual loadout is a modded winchester with a 5/50 pack or my APP 50rd and reloading with 10rd tubes. Normally only run my sportshot if it's a much longer game and I don't want to have to go back and refill on paint as often. if I'm running with it I run a little cheapy 2 pod JT harness with 100rd fatboys

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I use a Rotor on everything. It's never given me a single problem and I have no reason to use anything else.

wts bko for cheap
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I found a JT gravity hopper while I was going through my bag.I think I'll use that for now
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I am a fan of light weight and simple, so I only use gravity hoppers. These are the two that I use...

For most play, I use Winchesters with DYE Lock-lids. They feed well and have a small profile. They are made poorly, the feed-necks are too small and if they take a direct hit, do not protect your paint...They are also very hard to find, and can be very expensive for what was a $2 hopper. A new stock one just sold on eBay for $35...I have paid up to $25, plus a $5 DYE Lock-Lid for a terrible value.

For bigger games I use a Sportshot/Extreme Rage/Empire - while too big for me, for most play, they feed well, have a great lid, are readily available, have a small profile (for their capacity). I wish KEE would make one in about half the size.


GXG 40 - Awful hopper. Hard to load, does not feed well, does not protect your paint...Looks cool.

APP 50 - This is a well made hopper, great construction and feed-neck, easy to get are only 5-6 bucks, still needs a lid-mod. Unfortunately, does not feed great...If I could not get a Winchester, this is the only small hopper worth shaking.

DYE Proto Primo - Great looking, feeds well, great construction, nice lid, nice feed-neck, great shape...Just WAY TOO BIG! Must hold about 200 rounds. I use these on my loaner electros. Wish they DYE made a 1/3 size version (50 - 70 rounds), this would be the hopper most pumpers would use.

There are a lot of other 200 round gravity hoppers, I have not tried them, way too big, so I can not comment on how they feed.

I am temped to get an Inception Pico shell, I have a couple Halo TOO hoppers we do not use...I think it will be too heavy, but I would like to support Simon, maybe he or other manufacturers will get the message and make more products for pumpers.

What we really need is for Colin at Deadlywind (or some-one else), to make a really nice Carbon Fiber 50-70 round gravity hopper. After-all it is ridiculous to spend 20-30 bucks for a two dollar Winchester, then add a $5 lid, just to have something small that feeds.
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