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Autococker Noob

Always been into Mags, now finally getting into autocockers. I notice older cockers ( bud orr) and snipers have air going directly into the gun without a regulator. were these older markers made differently then the later models that came stock w/ regs?

or long story short.. I have a sniper II with a 3.5oz c02 tank set up I good to go or about to blow things up?


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Good to go that way. The guns were made prior to regulators really being used and running a vert 3.5 was away around getting liquid in the gun.
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The 2k+ Cockers don't really like unregulated CO2.
Something about the material on the cup seal and springing.
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The older ones had smaller air passages in the valve and a stiffer valve spring. Those things work great with unregged co2.

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The difference in springing started with the 98 'cocker, which could be run either with or without the included regulator if you messed with the velocity adjuster enough.
The 2000 year model and onwards were more fully dedicated to low pressure use.

A notable exception would be the Trilogy Sport, which came towards the end of the WGP's life but was designed to run on an unregulated air source.
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Thanks for the great responses guys, can't wait to hit the field with it
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