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Wearing glasses when playing

Okay... I just got a glasses, holy **** what a difference. I can see things farther so much more clearer and actually can see where paintballs are going instead seeing where they splats then adjust haha.

I just picked up Virtue Vio before I found out that I needed glasses. Luckily me, the glasses fit in the virtue vio little tight and comfortably. My question is what do you make that experience better?

-Get the strap for the glasses to make it to stay there?
-Wear sandana or clip to hold the glasses tight against my head?

Any tricks, tips, ideas, and hints will be really helpful
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Best masks for glasses, IMO, are the Profiler and the Event/Eflex line. I put FogDoc on my glasses so they stay clear on a long day. If you have a set of glasses with smaller frames, they usually work best in masks. I can usually adjust glasses placement easily by grabbing the back of the "ear frames" behind my ears and jiggling them around. I've never found the need to pin them.

Yeah, once you first get glasses and play with them, it's like playing in HD
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/Agreed especially about the FogDoc

If your glasses are "constantly" slipping down your nose with you sitting at rest they need to be adjusted and or the pads cleaned - they should be sitting comfortably tight and not need anything "extra" to hold them in place in most instances with a mask on up to and including diving and sliding.

I have wire frames and use Sly Profit with the way the foam sits the wire frames actually fit snugly in the gaps of the front foam and the thicker ears help to keep them from slipping.

Clean the bridge pads of your glasses between games also helps with the sweat and oil buildup to keep them from drooping.

I usually get a second pair of glasses for "athletics" which are usually a sturdier "cheaper" thicker frame and in the last few years include LC-HD Enhanced view progressive anti- reflective lenses(increased clarity, at night, at distance and better peripherals).


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A few years ago I had a set of Rx lenses put into some 'Biker' frames at the Optical shop I worked at. Had them yellow tinted as well, and they've served me very well. It's not terribly expensive if you get a set of single vision lenses cut (no bifocal), and put into a sport frame. I've been running the glasses with a set of JT uppers as well as a Proto Axis, and haven't had any problems with them. Need to get a new Rx cut for them though since I've had them for a few years.
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Last year I tried contacts because so I could go snorkeling and actually see. What a difference! I 've lately had trouble getting a good fit because of astigmatism, but when they worked, oh baby, clear vision and no glasses fogging up, it was heaven. I prefer glasses for daily wear, but sometimes contacts are nice for paintball, or to enjoy a stylish pair of sunglasses. Especially if astigmatism isn't a problem for you, it's not too terribly expensive to get a month's supply of contacts for special occasions.


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I play really rough, I dont want contacts misplaced or gets stuck. Geez I tired vio on again with sadana, my face hurts little bit. Just got to keep trying or find someone to trade for eflexes
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There is a guy at the field who still had his Gas mask glasses and they fit in his i4s like a charm, Maybe find some of those.
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I haven't worn glasses since I started playing in '94. It's been contacts ever since, playing or not.
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Maybe you need the Opti-Grab

But seriously, I would play some before worrying about changing anything. Just the foam from the goggles keeps them in place fine for the most part.
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contact is the way to go, they will not just pop out. i used them for baketball and only way they will shift if i get poked in the eye. buy the daily ones if you only going to use them for once in a while. i wear my glasses daily since i'm blind without them, anything really active that cause me to sweat a lot i use contact.
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