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98->ION thred adapter?

I have searched everywhere but with no luck, was there ever a adapter made to use tippman 98 barrels on a ION threaded marker? I need one for a Enmey project

I have found a few that allow ion barrels on 98's but not the other way around

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I imagine that for the price of buying an adapter, you can buy a cheap barrel with the correct threading.
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Due to how large model98 barrel threads are they can't really be adapted well to other guns. So no 98 to Ion adapter.

A5 to Ion is available though.
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i guess you could always have the barrel re-threaded?
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I'm guessing you're wanting a rifled Ion barrel for First Strikes?
Can't think of a barrel that you can get in 98 threads you can't also get for Ions except a rifled FS Lapco
If so you can get a Hammerhead Ion adapter for their rifled FS barrels if that's what your after
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Along the lines of Fubarius mentioning the A5 to Ion,have you considered 2 adapters to get the end result. Found the A5 to Ion and a 98 to A5, combine the 2 adapters and you have the combination your looking for. both of these are available from this seller on ebay.

I've used this person myself,never any issues. here are the links:

Paintball Barrel Adapter Tippmann A5 TO ION Connects TO ION Inside Tippmann A5 | eBay

NEW Paintball Barrel Adapter Tippmann 98 TO Tippmann A5 Tippmann X7 BT 4 | eBay

Just a thought and my $0.02
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