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SL-68 Barrels

I'm going to rebuild my cousins SL-68 and possibly mount it in an SKS stock with a bolt-action conversion. The only issue I have run into at this point is the barrel being so short would mean I have to chop up 60% of the beautiful stock I have. Anyone know if there is an aftermarket barrel for the SL-68? Or can I just get a piece of aluminum tube machined to the size/bore I need, without having to worry about coating it?
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J&J still list a 12" and 14" on their website:

I don't know of any other current production barrels....
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Cool, I'll have to call them though, that barrel in the pic is threaded and the SL-68 I have isn't set up for a threaded barrel. If it's the right size I suppose I can file off the threads though.
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I wouldn't file off the threads. For my SL's I use the old brass J&Js. There's this dude on Ebay selling a brass barrel on Ebay however he wants $12 for shipping from Maine. I questioned him about the price and he said he has banned me from bidding on his items. Never knew J&Js were made out of lead. Anyway, I've scene various people who use SL's make their own out of brass tube of course with the right bore size too. I'm interested to see your project on the bolt action as well, as I have been thinking about it with my SL sitting here still in its wooden box. Let me know and good luck.
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When I had my SL-68II, I got a 10" unported, wedgited barrel from PPS for $50 (I think?) - worked great and shot like a dream.
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AG in Ware N.H. has some J&J barrel's
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Keep an eye on Ebay, they pop up from time to time.
I've bought a couple.
Also if you know someone with a metal lathe, the SL barrels are the easiest to mock up.
almost any barrel will do.

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I don't know if it will help, but I recently mounted a SL68-II in an SKS stock. I ended up chopping off the last 6ish inches. The marker is held in with two allan headed screws and nuts through two holes that I drilled through both the stock and the sight rail of the marker. Very solid. I've been through 4-5 games with it so far, and there's still no wiggle or movement in it. The top view is a little cluttered still, so I'm in the process of making a wood spacer/cover that will be held by the bolts.

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Adventure Games in WEARE NH, not Ware.
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Whoa man, my work comp melted down so I haven't been able to check in lately, thanks for the links guys I'll check 'em out too. I'm thinking I'll get it turned on a lathe out here since I'm not looking for anything too fancy and I'd rather keep the build as cheap as possible.

Duckster, that 68-II looks sick! I've got to totally rebuild the internals on my SL-68, it keeps blowing every time I feed the bottle in, so once that's done I'm gonna start working on the bolt. I plan on replacing the pump hndle with some PVC Pipe and then throwing a rod with a lever on the end into that.
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