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HP air

PAINTBALL 4000 PSI AIR COMPRESSOR, TANK & FILL STATION - eBay (item 250214012532 end time Feb-14-08 14:06:13 PST)

Any thoughts on a setup like this?
HP is all I shoot and since I moved out here its a hike to get any.
The problem I have is its off ebay and if it spews oil well you get the picture.
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I have never operated one of these..but the compressor of this type was used mainly on aircraft and other military apps... slow to fill is what I have heard but that maybe ok if you are using just for yourself.
If he has $1,800.00 invested he was ripped....

I've seen the compressors sell between $100.00 to $500.00. You can price out the other stuff included...

I hope someone here can fill you in on the details alittle better....goodluck
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My only worry would be the PSI I have seen some of these that looked very similar but only went up to 1800/2000psi. They all had the pressure rating on the stamped tag and this one doesn't show it. If it is 4k that would be great for a personal fill station but I would do some digging using the info on the tag to confirm max psi.

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I'd be VERY suspicious of that deal. All the scuba compressors I've ever seen used two cylinders with the first feeding the second in a two stage system. I seriously doubt you can get even up to 2000 psi from a one cylinder compressor with as short a stroke as this one obviously has.

Certainly before you even consider a bid some more shopping around would be in order. Look for new ones that are intended for filling scuba bottles and see if any of them are only one stage with one cylinder. If you only find two cylinder two stage types then this one is bogus.
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