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are cockers accurate?

Wow. just wow. i have had a couple people that i trust and think are very reputable sources for paintball and they have said that autococker accuracy is a myth. they have said that closed bolt will never give better accuracy over an open bolt system. i have always thought that cockers shot exceptionally well, i have personally found that my cocker is much more accurate over my a5. help me out, i really hope that cockers are more accurate, because otherwise, if the accuracy is just a myth, the guns arent worth a thing.
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Wasn't I in the PBR chat explaining this to you?

No, the gun design doesn't determine accuracy.

Barrel quality, paint quality, paint to bore match, and velocity consistency determines accuracy.

They also will not shoot farther or with a flatter trajectory.
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Closed bolt isn't any more accurate, sorry to disappoint. However, I fail to see how that means that those closed bolt guns aren't worth anything ? You claimed that you liked the Cockers you've shot, and that they shot well. Then how are they worthless ?

Accuracy in paintball is mostly due to the quality and consistency of the paint, the consistency of the air released per shot, and having a relatively smooth tube to be launched from. If you've found through experience one marker to be more accurate than another, then most likely the less accurate one has a crappy barrel or isn't putting out a consistent amount of air (or at a consistent pressure) per shot.
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The reason Closed bolt markers are believed to be more accurate is because you have to have a good ball to barrel match to prevent rollouts. On an open bolt marker, they have Detents to hold them in(the closed-bolt equivalent would be wedgits).
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Here's my thoughts.

Cockers shoot a more independent cycle than a blowback. It's like a pump, THEN a cocking cycle, so the consistency is probably a little better (fewer variables as far as gas dispersion, during the shooting cycle). Also, the ball is not affected by the detent, as it is chambered (and therefore not contacting the detent) quite some time before it is shot, instead of simultaneously as with an open-bolt gun. Add generally higher build quality, an older and more refined design, and it will shoot very nicely. The delay between shot and cycle also can help, as the "kick" isn't felt during the shot.

Overall, the difference is trivial. I just like their feel, so I shoot one. I like controlling the cycle independent of the shot, and the efficiency and ROF it gives me. But accuracy? Any decent gun is pretty darn close on accuracy.
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There are reasons that we don't shoot muskets anymore. Roand balls (well, kinda round) are not that accurate to begin with.
A marker is as accurate as you make it. The only markers that I have that may be more accurate are custom pumps.
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actually, on a first shot basis, it could be argued that a closed bolt marker is more accurate, as there is no reciprocating mass on that first shot.

however, in practice, this is not true, as the ammount that any reciprocating mass affects a marker is inconsequential compared to the ammount that your moving fingers pulling the trigger will throw off the aim.

as stated above, the other part of the 'myth' is that cockers required a closer bore to paint match, which leads to better consistancy. that being said however, *any* marker will a good paint to bore match, propper regualtion and tight enough tollerances will be as accurate as any other.

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I think the most important part of accuracy is shot to shot velocity consistancy.

Also, make sure your paint is consistant and DRY...a kid at the field on Sunday couldn't figure out why his paint was flying everywhere. I pulled the bolt on his Trilogy and swabbed down the barrel a few times and it was still screwy. Then I looked in the hopper and a ball had broken and covered all the paint with goo.
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See Flyweightnate and WalkingTarget above. My exact reasons whenever anybody asks this.

Another reason is that--in the 'cocker heyday, at least--they're exceptionally well-made markers. Consider the difference between a Spyder with whatever springs work from the factory, and the traditional stacked-tube blowback design's sloppy tolerances, the variables involved with the firing system (heavy striker, bolt, and the pressure of a firing ball forcing the valve closed sooner or later, depending on the fit and position), and a 'cocker's consistent firing cycle.

Or WGP's mediocre stock barrels, versus whatever the random STBB comes with, or Tippman's notoriously crappy tubes.

So, no. Open-bolt, closed-bolt, electronic, blowback, double-action, whatever, they're all just as accurate as they're built. It's all down to barrel and consistency.

And aside from that oddball Flatline 'cocker, the 'flatter trajectory' claim is a load of bull.
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If Cocker were so accurate like most people think, than why WGP stop making them?
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