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Amber lenses BLOW for low light though.

You'll be blind 15 minutes before everyone else if you are running them dusk or night. They cut glare like nobody's business, but they aren't cool for low light conditions.
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I have both Amber and Clear for my vforces.

After years of competative shooting, I'm a firm believer that clear lenses always produce the most 'true' picture.

Still, I tried the amber lenses for my mask anyway...
1) they do seem to 'sharpen' shapes in a shadowy woods field
2) nice in bright light, cuts glare
3) BAD: almost blind at dusk
4) BAD: the distorted COLORS can be a bit disorienting after a full day.

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I've used orange lenses for riding in low light/overcast conditions and they work great...but that's because they just provide greater transition between light and dark colors...and make trees and leaves a very strange green color... but I would think a clear lense would be your best bet for complete darkness.... that and a blue or red lense on your flashlight... not a filter, but an actual blue or red piece of glass/plastic. Either color will help maintain your night vision (your natural ability to see in low light.. not maginified by a device) so that if you need to turn them on/off you won't be completely blind when you do so.


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I played a couple of night games with amber lenses in my Scott goggles, and they worked great, but to be fair, it was a full moon, and I played with a 5-cell maglite zip-tied to my 'cockers shroud. THAT worked like magic...
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I used my yellow lens on an overcast day in the woods and I felt pretty lost. Overall I don't like having a yellow tint to everything I see.
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