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co2 in a sniper

I am sure this has been asked a dozen times before, but I have a 99 gen-x cocker I converted to a sniper. Assuming it has the stock valve, would it be a foolish idea to use co2 on it. My choice if I want to play is co2 or a huge tank. If it matters, I do have a stab on it. Thanks for the help.

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I don't understand you. CO2 is great powersource. In reallity, every marker can go on CO2 with some mods. CO2 is surely great for pumps. Snipers and Cockers were build for CO2. So, where is problem?

If your Cocker was build for HPA you will perhaps need some (striker/valve) spring changes, to get requested velocity, but that is imho all. With antisiphoned tank you will be surely pleased with your Sniper.
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CO2 all day long. No worries.
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I don't know about the Gen X from then, but most 'Cockers of that era had a smaller air chamber in front of the valve. That makes it better for 12 grams, if you wanted to go all the way and put a 12 gram changer vertically.
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CO2 should be great especially with the stab on it. Since you're running it as a sniper you shouldn't have any problems with shoot down. Just try it and see if anything goes pop.

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