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Choose an airtank for me

Help me choose an airtank. It'll go on a classic valved automag, and I can be using anything from a revvy to a winchester 48 round hopper, or something inbetween. I have a 22ci tank on the way, but want something for fields with long fill lines, or when I carry more paint.

I don't like drop forwards. I am 5'10, average proportions. I was thinking a 45/45? Maybe a 68? If I go 68 I might go with only 3k, I never carry more than 500 rounds at a time anyways. Are Pure Energy reg ok? As in servicable, long lasting? Something I don't need to pour bottles of oil down the fill nipple? Just kidding, I know not to do that, jeez.

Any suggestions?
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45/45 is the only size that i can play remotely comfortably with.

I would buy (and own) a nitroduck I reg tank from they come with a good luxfer tank.

The tanks on CP and DXS tank are lighter weight 48 CI tanks but they are very round..about the same fatness as a 68 ci or so.

plus the DXS regs are heavy so that the overall weight of the DXS tank and reg is a few oz's heavier than an I reg 45/45

Honestly? I would buy a brand new 45/45 from, and i would choose the nitroduck. No surprises this way.

PMI tanks are great. They have a bad rep partially because of their older tanks. Sometimes the pin valve will leak but it is VERY very very easy to service and most of the time you can simply flip the o ring over. They are very serviceable. I regs are also very serviceable. Crossfire regs are not serviceable, but are good (and heavy)

PMI tanks come with both luxfer and carleton bottles. Luxfer is lighter and better. Some carletons are not 5 year tanks, so be sure. All nitroduck tanks are luxfer except maybe very early ones.

Like i said. NitroDuck iReg N2 Tank - 45ci 4500psi at : Paintball

Maybe you can save 40 dollars when you buy a used one..but why? With this you get 5 solid years before hydro testing, and likely without a hiccup. At the worste you will need to replace a fill nipple or something, or even tighten one from new.

Good luck with your choice.
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I use a 68/45 I hate running out of air
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I used to use a 68.45, now I use a DXS 48.45 or whatever their size is. Its far more comfortable, I'm only 5'7'' and it places the gun at a very confortable distance from my face.
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I love Nitro Duck's Tuff Skin tanks, they look cool as hell, are light, and 5 year DOT certifications (last time I checked it was 5 years, could have changed recently and I don't know about it).

For reg's, I like Centerflag's line of preset screw-ins (did they go out of business? that's a shame, if true), as well as Nitro Duck's newer preset and adjustable screw-ins.

As for size, I've always liked drop forwards, and the bigger the better (Kapp DZ's are on about all my main markers), so no help from me there. Try a couple of different sizes, and if something doesn't work, you can always recoup some of the cost by selling it here on the B/S/T forum.
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You might like a CP 48/45 stubby, or a normal sized 45/45. I just got a CP 48/45 stubby and compared to my brick-like 68/45 (catalina tank, and I THINK the reg is a mac-dev) it is like night and day. So nice and light, and even on a duckbill bottomline (instead of a rail, which keeps it off of a d/f but still brings it in tighter than a duckbill would) it shoulders up REAL nice....and I have long arms.

If you want to go with a 68ci, though, I WOULD recommend a drop-forward for it. Not a big one, though. I have a CP micro-razor rail drop that I use when running my 68/45 and it works great at moving the tank forward, but not down too much (about half an inch lower than if I'd simply mounted it on a rail mount). And no, I'm not a CP's just what's commonly available around here for drops. And the CP tank was what was recommended to me.
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For me there are only 4 companies worth thinking about for regulators:

Air America: Only look at the older stuff, the Raptor, Armageddon, Apocalypse, etc are all great regulators that are adjustable and people practically throw away these days, and many Automag parts are compatible with them (I use an Automag tourney lock on my Raptor Rex). Don't bother with the newer stuff, I don't think it is made by the same people, the quality is gone and so is the stainless.

Nitro Duck: I own two of their regs, one adjustable one preset, and aside from the copious amounts of brass used I couldn't be happier with them. And they make an adjustable screw in, now that is hot.

Centerflag: While I don't own any of their tanks currently, I would have a Dynaflow if I could afford it. Pretty much all the bells and whistles you'd want with great flow made by a company that is small enough to care.

PMI (Pure Engery): When it comes to preset screw ins, there is no need to look outside of PMI. There is no reason to pay more for a Crossfire when there seems to be no advantage to them. I have used both extensively and have never had trouble with either, so might as well go with the cheaper of the two. That and PMI regs usually service quite easily and parts kits are widely available. I have one PMI 3K Regulator that is from 2003 and has never needed any service.

As far as size goes, 45/45 is too little for me, you say you never carry more than 500 rounds so it should be fine. That being said I would say you should consider a gas-thru stock with a remote and at least a 68/45. The stocks are adjustable for the right fit, and my 114/45 AA Raptor Rex doesn't weigh my gun down.

Just my two cents.
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Thanks for the help so far! I like the length of non drop forwarded 12 ounce tanks, what would be along that line?
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With me, I have 68/4500s, simply because they were cheap, used. They're long, yeah, but heavy as well. I need a drop with them to be comfortable (5'9" here) and it's just an unnecessary amount of weight for a guy who shoots 300 a game.

But yeah, PE and Crossfire both work well. PE is a bit lighter, though, and serviceable.
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45/45 all the way, unless you want to run remote then you -might- want to bump up to a 68. Unless I'm really laying down paint, a 45/45 lasts me about 3-4 games.
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