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Well, out of those two, the Mini is defiantely better.

If I had to suggest something, the EOS is in the same price range, and its user friendly features are a real nice thing to have

In my experiance, the EOS is pretty good on air as well, even for a spooler.

BUT... yes, it is SmartParts (for those who care), and it can get a wee bit heavy after a while, but it's still an amazing marker.

Flip a coin and pick one, you'll be happy either way >.<
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Out of the two choices get the mini. The ion wont hold any value and is more difficult to maintain. But also look at the Proto SLG($200) or PMR, ICD promaster($140), and the Fusion($250) all great guns for less price over getting a mini if your not stuck to only an ion or mini.
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The Ion will be far cheaper and more upgradable (you can pick up a nice used Ion now for $150, you're going to pay at least $250 for an Ion). You may also want to look at the PMR- throw a metal trigger on there and you have a very nice shooter with a nice board for pretty cheap.

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If I had to choose between the two,I'd go with the Ion.I had both and the Mini didn't work right out of the box.I never had a problem with the Ion aside from it being a pain to work on,but,the New Ions that are out now come standard with a bolt out the back body design that solves that problem. Personally I'd go with the DP Fusion of either of these but,that's just me.
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Look at a Proto SLG. They are hugely popular at the field right now and many guys are using them rather than their more expensive higher end electro's. Super simple design, super efficient and much lower maintenance than the other Dye guns. It's a lot of gun for $200. If you want to spend Mini prices I'd also look into an Eos.

If you are dead set on the Ion or Mini I'd pick an Ion. While I'm not a fan of Smart Parts the Ion has proven to be a reliable marker with huge aftermarket support and they are dirt cheap. Mini's seem to either be really good out of the box or complete nightmares that don't want to work. Nothing is worse than an unreliable marker and lots of folks seem to spend a lot of time with Mini's at KEE getting fixed.
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