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Ion or Mini - Help Me Make Up My Mind

Alright so I've been back and forth at it for some time. At one point I was dead set on building myself and Ion. Then I was all for the Mini. Now I'm just unsure . I've been searching the internet and here on MCB and just haven't found all the answers I've been looking for.

Efficiency - Both markers seem to boast high shot counts. If both guns were bone stock, who would win? Let's say using a 68/4500.

Maintenance - I'm pretty sure the Mini is easier to maintain (disassemble, clean/lube, and reassemble) overall but I have to ask.

Durability - I play rec ball 95% of the time, so the marker could see any type of weather.

Battery life - Who wins? How many shots before a fresh duracell is needed.

Quiet Factor

Not too worried about upgrades - I know who wins this

Any comments or ideas are welcome. I'm not too interested in any other marker. Just looking for info between these two.

Thank you
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I suggest you look at the EOS or Epiphany to compare w the mini. They're in similar price ranges.
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mini only because I hate smart parts
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Mini - because it's not an Ion.
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I'm gonna chime in and suggest an 07 fusion. It's lighter than an Ion by a lot, only a little heavier than a mini, gets really great efficiency, is reliable and is very easy to adjust the trigger pull on. Not to mention it's quite a bit cheaper than the mini at this point.
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Between the two? mini. Better quality, better resale, easier maintenance, better customer support from the company, better efficiency.

But personally I wouldn't go with either. Aside from the fact that the mini feels too small to me, I don't like that the airlines are all internalized and proprietary. I like having the option of using my own ASAs and not relying on specific parts to run air hoses.

I'd look at fusions, the PMR if you don't mind having to replace a few parts (I personally dislike the trigger, nobody likes the plastic back cap), and maybe some others.
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Ion's are not so great on gas efficiency. I've never shot a mini, but a guy had one at the field today, and it shore was real purty-like.
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i bought a mini and used it for one tourny now it collects dust (im not a big electo fan) from my experance it shot really fast and the trigger is super touchy. The mini is just a better choice over the ion

mini comes stock with a clamping feedneck and a board that is able to do 20bps, ontop of that there is no air lines to mess with.
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i'd have to say go with a mini of the above 2.

other than that, i'd go with a DP Fusion, as mentioned above.

wonderful shooters that are really reliable.

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One thing about the mini you should look out for is leaking between the grip frame and the body. I was at a field a while back and some kid's mini suddenly stopped sealing there. Honestly, it was probably something stupid he did, but watch out for it.
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