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I bet firing and pumping the gun over time would crack the JB weld ...
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Originally Posted by blackrain View Post
Here you go, they even provide video.
aluminum welding, pot metal repair, cast iron, silver solder
First off, thanks for all the help guys.

Found this video through BR post, demonstrates really well the strength of there Super Alloy 1 rod.

video: how to join brass to aluminum, ornamental art

Think we found a winner.

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Originally Posted by Ir0nExpress View Post
Can you actually JB weld a PGP together? Just a weird thought.
*looks at pgps on table in various stages of disassembly, then at tube of JB*

Stop giving me ideas!
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I need to send for some of that rod! ! And there's the next one down for aluminium to aluminium.

Lots of folks have this idea that JBWeld is some sort of welding joint in a tube. It's epoxy, plain and simple. Yes it's a good epoxy but it's still just epoxy. For joining metal to metal it'll hold quite well but oils, water and heat cycle related movement will eventually weaken the bond. Eventually you'll hit your JBWeld bonded PGP against something and the top tube will fall off. I'd use if if I was stuck but I'd far rather use a solder of some form such as the stuff at that site.
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