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HPA reg removal/instalation

I have a small leak from the pin of my HPA tank. Very small, but it's there. I'd like to remove the reg to work on it. Looking at another thread I understand the removal part. Assuming I resolve the problem, reinstalling the reg? Plumbers tape? What am I doing there?

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the easiest method is use what was there before. some regs do use a sealant, whether loctite(very rare) or some form of tape. in most cases its not held on by anything substantial as the air pressure and lots of threads keep the reg on the tank. this is why its never an issue(but always a hassle) to tank tanks in checked luggage after showing, through a visual check, that there is nothing inside the tank.

so unscrew it, do the work and in most cases, screw it back on.
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If I were you I'd send the whole thing away to the manufacturer and have it serviced. Compressed air is nothing to mess with and an error on your part could have fatal consequences.
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