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Paintball: Sport or Recreation?

After reading Drum's tirade regarding the NFL and the subsequent responses, it got me thinking (marginally) about sport in general. For me sport is very briefly defined as an athletic activity of a competitive nature, opposed to recreation which I'll define as an activity requiring skill that diverts or amuses or stimulates.

Question: Do you consider YOUR paintball activity to be more sport or recreation/hobby? Secondly, besides paintball what is your favorite sport/recreation that you actually participate in? Watching beach volleyball on ESPN doesn't count!

So, to lead off:

1.) Recreation
2.) Golf or Skiing (tie)
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1) Recreation
2) Surfing and Paintball are a Tie

I could classify anything as a sport, as long as I played in via an organized league. When I played Rugby, I played in a league, and would have called that a sport.
Now if I just play a pick up game once in a blue moon... now it is a hobby.

Same thing for paintball... If I played in a team, for stakes (trophy, prizes, etc) then I would call it a sport. For now, it is still a hobby and probably always will be for me.
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1) Recreational hobby
2) Hiking (for now)

I agree on the difference between the two....I've had arguments with my ex about what can be considered a sport and what can not (she didn't consider running to be a sport.. but somehow swimming is? )...of course she never liked it that I considered curling a sport.... it's a competetive activity played with teams..and you could use that same argument for paintball. But for me I would rather play recreationally (not professionally)..the competition is still there but the prizes don't need to be.
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2)I don't really play anything competive other than paintball, but I have a lot a rec sports that I do like biking, golf, football and canoeing

I don't know about #1...its a toss up on where and how I'm playing, I'd say usually I'm playing recreationally but last year I was in a tourny circuit and I'd definately call that a sport.
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1. Rec mostly, but every now and than there is a tourney and if we all feel like it, we participate and try to win something.
2. Nothing other than paintball that I play regularly realy...
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1) Recreation
2) Paintball, anything pickup

I think I agree with the definition of a sport that everyone has given so far. I don't want to play really competitively and considder it a sport because when I was a high school and college athlete I was extremely competitive and I don't want to get competative with paintball and take the fun out of it.
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recreational sport.

1. Recreational Sport. with > between the two words.
2. do billiards or darts count ? I play golf rarely.
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Recreation, much in the same way a game of pickup basketball or pickup baseball is.

I fish and sit on my fat *** playing videogames.
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1 Recreation/live and breath it, but its all about having a good time right?
2 Oh this is a tough one, keeping myself from buying so much stuff on here, could that be a sport?

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