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vm 68 valve removal

VM 68 valve removal?

Anyone know how to remove the crome valve from a vm68? Thanks
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thats not a valve. Thats the asa and you shouldn't unless absolutely necessary

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I have never done it, but I have looked into it. I don't think it is easy. I picked one up where the previous owner had removed it. The ASA had many many tool marks that were all rusting, and the ASA was not put back on perfectly straight. It wasn't a big deal, but you really needed to screw the tank on then the barrel.

If have to do it, place this question in the VM Empire section of the Armory. If you don't have to...I wouldn't.
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you need a valve tool to remove the valve.

you need to remove everything internally to gain access to the face of the valve, thread the tool onto it, remove the retaining screws and then pull it out; you will most likely need to replace the valve o-rings after this operation.
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It can be done without the tool, aka "The Pillow method".
Remove the internals, and valve screws. Aim the rear towards a pillow, and screw on a tank. The valve will be blasted out!

As far as the front ASA, the original poster probobly assumed the VM stripped like conventional stacked tube guns, with the valve going out the front. But VM owners are not so lucky. Though, I have removed that ASA a few times. They are threadlocked on, and are a pain to get off. Once off though, you can make a nifty internal expansion chamber.

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