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SCUBA care and maintenance

The SCUBA shop I got my tank from services the valve on the tank during visual inspections (annually), and I take it to them when it's time for hydro.

Any thoughts on maintenance or care otherwise?

I leave the tank laying on it's side (in an out-of-the-way place) just in case...
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Just make sure there is always 300 psi in the darn thing, dive shops don't like it when you drain them (at least mine didn't) I had that lesson learned the hard way, forced a visual inspection on me or they wouldn't fill it!

other than that, just don't beat the hell out of it, treat it with lots of love and care (hey. . .its a lot of pressure!) and be careful with it when your moving it. They also told me to grab it by the valve in such a way that if it was to slip off your hand that it would tighten the valve, not loosen it so that it could open.
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they always recommended leaving 500 psi in mine but that was PADI cert. so other organizations my be different. Then again they also recommended using air from the tank to dry the o-rings and cap for the regulator so it would have gotten below 500psi if thats when you got out of the water.

Just keep more pressure in it than the outside air pressure to prevent anything from getting in it. I think the yearly visuals were done in the past to spot rust but with aluminum tanks it seems to be overkill.
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