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Looking for info on the Stalker, A Custom Sheridan Based Pump?

Does anyone have any information on the sheridan based pump named the Stalker? The only spot I have seen a reference to it is on the old pgpog sheridan recognition guide which shows a pictures and lists the gun as being manufactured by Nation Paintball. I don't know if this is supposed to be National Paintball Supply or another company named National Paintball.
The PGPOG recognition guide is off on a few things listed there so I don't know how accurate it really is.

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Here is the direct link to the picture:

Ever since seeing that picture I have had my eyes peeled for one.
I recently picked up this gun:

The gun is completely scratch built brass with a unique hammer, asa, bolt and it has a sheridan valve and grip frame.

It features several of the same aspects of as the sheridan pictured on the PGPOG site, such as the bolt (although it doesn't have the hammer screw through the top), the back bottle angled asa with the caped screws holding it in place and the smaller diameter inner tube on the lower tube going through the pump.

There are also many differences, the smaller diameter lower tube being aluminum instead of brass, the pump being ram aluminum instead of plastic or black anodized aluminum as well as the milling on the pump. The barrel is different on the gun pictured on the PGPOG site as well and has a front site. One the gun I own there is an additional brass sleeve over the back half of the top tube.

Probably the most interesting aspect of this sheridan based gun is the valve design. It features a standard sheridan valve, but the valve is enclosed inside of the aluminum lower tube with a snap ring. The gun is actually missing orings would go around the lower tube as well as the back asa which seal the inlets of the side airline.

Overall the gun is very well put together although the creator could have cleaned up their solder on the passenger side a little.
After a full disassembly I'm not sure if this is actually the same breed as the gun pictured on PGPOG but it does have a few unmistakable similarities and is well made.
Whoever the manufacturer was, the gun is probably just another small custom shops innovative attempt at a different take on a sheridan based pump. They could have created just a few, each in a different configuration, one of which was photographed for an ad and ended up in a magazine which then was scaned onto the PGPOG. Or I could be totally off as I have been in the past when speculating on the origins of a unique gun, but learning (and accumulating!) is the most interesting parts of collecting,

Anyways, it's a neat gun and if anyone does have any information it would be greatly appreciated.

Also, here is another piece of eye candy, a Carterized Sterling:

I have had a few of these, one which Paul now owns (a purple one). I emailed Carter and was told he made a batch of them.
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that sterling is hot
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The hammer LOOKS kind of like a PPS one.
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I want to buy both of them

I wish I had some helpful info. Those guns look great, thanks for showing I know more things to look for.
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Interesting gun, definitely looks like a version of the same gun from that photograph.
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Thanks for the comments guys.
Here is a little more eye candy to keep the thread alive:
Here is what I would assume is a Force Recon version of the Wraith (ghost but no pump spring so the end of the barrel has a larger OD).

The Force Recon guns were either guns built from left over parts from the runs of ghosts, wraiths, spirits, and specters. Not sure if they were reconditioned on built from raw parts.

Because of the engraving of wraith on the rail I have no reason to believe this didn't come stock from lapco just like this. The muzzle brake is taso although it is anno'd to match. The pump has a neoprene sleeve that is colored to match and the gun has extra milling all over.
I don't think the grips are stock though and I am not sure about the neoprene sleeve.

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Dan, you sir have some cool . Can't say I'm a fan of the teal color but that's a sexy marker..I look at todays space guns and some of these old custom Nelson's that define simplicity, elegance and artistry and can't help but think that "agg" has already come and gone.
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That Wraith is sick. I hope you have the misisng pump arm, or did it just come with one?
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i'm sure it only came with one pump arm... besides, there is no slot to hook it to the bolt.

Dan- you do have some nice **** as said above.... and you keep getting more of it too. you are the king of all whores.
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Yeah, this Wraith just came with one. Although the body was from a wraith the pump probably came from either a Spirit or a Spectre since the Force Recons were put together from leftovers.

Here is another Force Recon that is built on a ghost body (breech drop but with the return spring) with a Spectre rail and frame.

This one has Force Recon Engraved on the side of the rail and and old Spectre engraving on the other side that has been anno'ed over (hardly visable).

So I guess this means that some of them were reconditioned since the engravings were done after anodizing and the gun would have had to be anodized to get the wraith engraving in the first place and then re anodized to cover up the Spectre engraving.

Also, this one has a removable barrel which is a cool feature for some of the later ghost and Spirit bodies.

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