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Yeah, it having "field rental" on it kills the value. Wouulf is right about mag owners being picky, especially with ULE bodies. I'd ask $75 obo, but hope for $50+

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Thank you, good sir. I have bought other field rental mags before so I knew the price was off due to that, i was just looking for a baseline to go off of. Thanks for all the input guys! Much appreciated!
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Have not had a response back on my thread over here, so thought I would ask here. My server won't let me repost the pic, so here is the thread link. Looking for an approximate value on the Bob Long 2000 Sig Series (with ANS sticker on it) as I am trying to pick it up.
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CCM J2. Cp asa the rest is all CCM. I also have the working pneumatics. Curious what the current value is. 1522271_10201265711505130_1247872023_n.jpg
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i am thinking about maybe parting with some gear in the near future, i have a few markers and odds and ends that i might sell to get a few things that i might actually use, lol.

i will start off with a bone stock Dye DMC. i got it used a few years back. still have the ultralight barrel it came with. one of the nicer markers in my collection. super quiet and pretty light. minimal wear, light scuffs on the aluminum sections is the only damage that i can find on it. wonder if it is worth parting with or if it is something i should just hang onto for my collection...
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I'm looking to sell a gutted dust black CCM 45 frame. It's basically brand new. I just removed all the pins, spring, trigger, etc. What's a reasonable price to ask for it?
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Medusa pod pack M-700, what is one worth used?

As well, is the company still afloat?
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Whats an Action Markers Diadem worth?

I kind of want one.
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Whats this guy worth? Has ans quickfire slider, ans jackhammer lpr, wgp sto ram, wgp 3way, cp v3 regulator, stock bolt, shocktech rail/bottomline. ans internals. ans phase 2 longer version on the banjo screw. Also comes with the dye barrel
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Question Level 10 disc

Had this for a long time, never really did anything with it. I have never had it in my computer personally, though it looks like it's in good condition.

How much does something like this run?

The last picture there looks a little dusty...should've cleaned it first...
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