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2 tone black/gray converted to mech, body has minimal scratches, the entire front block is new as is the ram and the 3way. Also has a "choice" of Psycho Ballistics swing or WGP slim 45 slide trigger, both have roller sears. Also a CP 14 Dynasty Barrel, with a .685 and a .682 back, all in new condition. I have 2 regs for it, you chose again, a Karnivor (on the gun now)or a brand new Black Magic reg. I also have a Black CCM pump kit for it for extra.

CP reg is no longer an option, it worked better with the stock Karnivor reg so thats on it now. New Pics can be taken if needed.
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Brass N Wood Fan
I came across a virtue dm 11 board, Has "NT OLED v2.2" printed on the bottom.

Fairly certain it works, however I don't own a DM so I can't be 100% sure.

What would be a fair asking price?
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Not sure what it's worth will try and get pictures on here. Sniper with serial # 113. Missing grips and I am trashing my house for the back block I know I have it. The major issue is it has a small ding so I can't start a barrel.
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Brass N Wood Fan

Any thoughts on this guy?

It's a polished Minimag, chrome rail, chrome foregrip, chrome asa, chrome asa angle block, chrome 32* frame, chrome t stock (with some flaking towards the rear), dye stainless barrel, polished valve and custom aluminum grip panels. Bolt is a level 7 Venturi. All in fine working order.
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Due to a failing body its time to move some of my markers I was keeping for that old man game that never seems to come along.
But im not sure what they sell for now as I cant play now and they just take up space in the gun cupboard so it would be nice for some else to take over
These are all in near perfect condition, kept tuned and lubed and also will come with all the spares I have for each
I have had all this marker since new and the shoe box was my torni gun for quite a few years
I think they would be more for a collector or such would be a shame to treat them badly as hack guns.

This orical is unfired Sponsor handed me 2 and this one never made it in to a game. Dosn't come with the freak ,has its own fade 2 piece.

I have all the original splash parts as well as a box of factory spares like spools.

Evil shocker sponsor gave me second one off the line not sure who got the first one

And finely

Still in its box has been in a game or 2 if I remember right, it was a spare for my EBlade so didnt get out much
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Looking for a rough quote on

Two tiberius T8.1s (one black with silver barrel,one silver with black barrel and killjoy??mag release) extra extended barrel, 10 mags (believe newer gen mags) bit markers like new...
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Original sandanna

Dug this out and I know there seems to be a huge demand for them. Any idea on what I can get for this?
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What's a carbon ccm barrel with 6 sizers go for these days?
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Originally Posted by phizz View Post

Dug this out and I know there seems to be a huge demand for them. Any idea on what I can get for this?
I have one of those but a different Camo Color. Last year I put it up somewhere asking for a "Whats this worth" and I was told it was only worth around $20. Not to cut yours down or anything but mine is in better shape as well, more color on the edges, the "Sandana" tags are more "readable" and the Velcro is still attached all the way around on all 4 pieces.

My $.02
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Cool thanks.
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