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Ok I have a Krusher sniper? that has been milled to accept a stock class feed. Internally it is still stock, and has a heavy, but smooth pump stroke. What is this baby worth?

Oh here is the eye candy


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Looking to sell this as I don't think i'll be using this much and i don't collect markers that I don't use on the field. Custom Nelspot 007, w/ Taso 12 gram changer, unique original battle grips etc.

I definitely need a price quote on this, please.
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thanks for your help
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I have a 68/4500 tank with a first generation myth reg. The tank needs a hydro and then will only have 3 years left until it hits its 15 year birthday.

Both the tank and the reg are pristine and work great.

Problem is...for my setup the reg is too small and the tank is too big. Id rather someone get some use out of it rather than it just sit around in my garage until out of hydro completely.

can you guys tell me if this is worth putting up for sale, and of course, any idea on a price?

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turquoise autococker: I would think it shouldn't be hard to get $100 for it, maybe $120.
Waltrulz PGP: Somewhere between $60 and $80 currently
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Price Quote thread
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Old 06-24-2010, 06:46 PM   #297 (permalink)
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Trying to figure out how much my friends package is worth. Trying to buy it from him but dont want to rip myself off.

Dont have pictures I can post but its all in good condition.

He's got:

Bob Long Shocktech Timmy (pre-06 model)- Good condition.

Smart Parts Dynasty Shocker (pre-06 model)- Good condition.
ZDS Paintball - Shocker SFT Private Label Guide - Dynasty Shocker

Halo with a mystery board. Probably around an 06 board, but a halo is a halo so I don't really care.

Dye i3s

2 68/4500s out of hydro but in good shape

So my question to MCB is how much would you pay for this package on Ebay or Craigslist?
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Old 06-30-2010, 01:59 AM   #298 (permalink)
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Originally Posted by idkfa View Post
I'm not really sure. But I'd shell out 300 for it.

Does anyone know what AGD flatlines regs are going for? I've got a 3000 psi one with a 13ci attached.
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Old 07-12-2010, 12:42 PM   #299 (permalink)
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It's pretty old and I inheritted it used but it still shoots fine. Not pictured but I also have the original hopper, CO2 tank and butt plate. Theres a ton of spare parts and 2 extra barrels, one of which is a rifled Armson barrel. Any idea on the worth of all these things? Not necessarily together but individually. I'd really like to know what the Armson barrel, the gun, and spare parts are worth. I might sell as a package but not if I can sell for more seperately. Thanks for all your help.

Here's the gun with extra barrels and manual. The green piece is the original Armson thing that came with the barrel.

Here's the opposite side of the gun

Here's all the spare parts

Thanks for any help!

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Tippmann 98.

gta Ebolt 2-way with 2 eclipse QEV
Universal T-board
faty palmer HPR
palmer micro rock LPR
orange bolt
Dm laser eyes
cp on/off with rail.
Center feed
Dye ul barrel.
* with out the dye rotor*
Not my gun, I want to bought it.

work to do:
Need eyes cover ( I can do it, not a problem)
LPR need fine tuning.

Tanks !

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