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How much could I get for a good condition F2 Illustrator?

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I'd say about $60 for F2s.

Anyone know what Screw-in Line SI lever changers are going for these days? Last one I saw on ebay went for 100+, but that was on ebay.
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ok, i said id never do it but in my financial situation looks like a possibility,
How much do you think i could get for this thing
It is a classic valved, classic rail'd mag with a 20" tactical tippe'd smart parts all American barrel. It took me four months to complete with a total project cost of {yea right} :rofl: . It "was" a tokyo mauri airsoft M14 with all metal parts except the composite stock. The aimpoint dot sight is also an airsoft replica, but.... it holds up on my benelli 12 gauge 3 1/2in mag. It is extremely accurate and close to scale weight. The reciever halves are powdercoated black and the body was hand polished by me.
Every inch of this project was done by hand. No fancy mills or lathes. The most complicated machine i used was a drill press and a dremel tool. I hand cut all of the aluminum and filed and sanded for endless hours. Any more questions please ask.

Classic valve lvl 10
classic rail
old school right body
air through stock
20 smart parts all American
relocated custom bearing trigger mechanism
warp feed. not pictured

here are the pics
please ask questions
and comment good or bad.

more information available upon request
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Originally Posted by DeTrevni View Post
Hey there, MCB! Well, I've got a few pics of this thing up in the AKA forums, but I figured I'd expose it to the rest of MCB and ask for a general appraisal. I don't expect to be selling it any time soon, I just like knowing what I've got, and VLM's escape me. I'll provide all the details I can.

The Interesting

- Pre 2K AKA VLM
- SN #0147
- A bit scratched up, but nothing to the metal.
- Removable feedneck (well, it twisted, but I didn't try to get it off yet)

The Goods

- Full AKA internals with dialer velocity adjuster
- AKA Lightning Bolt
- AKA pump arm
- AKA Mitey Max low pressure chamber
- KAPP cocking rod
- KAPP trigger w/ shoe
- KAPP aluminum panel grips
- WGP Ergo HPR
- WGP on/off ASA
- WGP (looks like it) ram
- Benchmark slider
- Custom Products flame drop
- Shocktech Bomb 3-way

The Pics

This thing may not be the prettiest (but man is it green!), but she shoots nice! As always, thanks for any information!
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Pro team FX cocker??

Its got a like new shochtech frame, antichop jam-bolt, fx power feed body, perfect bore barrel, bomb 3-way, ergo reg, dye grips, not sure of internals... but it shoots laser beams.

Need a recomended BIN price for you know where, thanks!
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micromag to good home.

I have a Proteam Products micromag with a taso stainless barrel. Looks to be about 10 inches. It also has the x-valve with level ten bolt kit. The gun is in good condition with just a few scrapes on the frame. Need to sell it and was wondering how much it is worth.
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I would say $250ish, at least thats what I would give...

And for the gun above that (FX cocker), just updating, it sold for $150 + shipping, if anyone else wondered what something like that was worth. It sold quick, so I might have got more if I had Upgraded the BIN... but may have taken more time.
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How much would this Automag RT Pro go for?

The body is cut down on the front and the trigger frame is polished. It has a dye twist-lock barrel and bicycle grip. The On/Off / Rail setup is going to be changed to a duckbill if I sell it.

I'm also thinking of mini'ing it's more compact. (I think that's what they call it) Would that raise the value at all?

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Hello all:

I know the market is not the best as of now, but with uncle Sam having some good old plans for me, I would like to sell some of my markers, just in case.....
To the market I have a WGP Black Magic with a E2 frame on it the specs are as follows:
06 Red to black fade black Magic body
E2 red frame with 1.2 version software
Evolution ram with QEV`s
CP gloss black regulator
Torpedo drop forward
Marker is adult owed and has been well taken care off.
A price quote for the marker would be appreciated , also ideas on prices for a part out.
Thank you


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I didn't notice there was a stickied thread specifically for price checks!

here goes:

A picture of some chipping...

The inside of the trigger guard wasn't colored for some reason...

So here's what i know about it:

-Powdercoated yellow CCM body w/matching freak barrel tip
-Angel threaded clamping feedneck
-Shocktech internals
-Shocktech delrin bolt
-KAPP Trigger Frame
-CCM pump Kit
-Air America Black Ice Uni-Reg
- I also have a matching front block for it

So what do you think would be a fair asking price for this?

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