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Originally Posted by NPpballer View Post
I've got 2 guns I need appraised today.

1. An almost stock STDM5. I'm pretty sick of electro play, and I'd like to free up some money for a CCM, or a decent Mech. The only thing not stock is the feedneck. There's a DM6 feedneck in its spot. There's a little wear on the eye covers, and it wasn't UL'd!!! I'd like to sell it pretty quickly, what do you think I should ask to move it fast and also get a fair amount for it.

2. A Red E1 Karni with a full Kaner kit. My cousin tried to sell me one for $300, but I'm not sure if it's a decent deal. If it is I might just hold onto it for awhile and see what happens to resale.

That is a good price for a karnivor. If you like it get it.
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ANS GenX3 cocker. Looks like the backblock and bolt has been replaced? No ball detente. Is it worth the $150, He was originally listing it for $300 a while back and just re-listed today? Worth trying to resell? Anybody know if the feedneck is replaceable? I had read that is wasn't on pbreview
here's the link
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Parts: Left feed sterling body with detent, sheridan valve tool, SP easy on/off asa in black or chrome/polished clear.
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Currently looking this logo up as I have seen it before and know it ,but at the moment I am drawing a blank...

anyone have any ideas as to company and worth? (it needs to be cleaned up a bit,just pulled it out of a lot box I bought)



Looked a bit on google and everything I have found points to a MILSIG K Series CQB model with a few extra items..????? anyone have a better clue.. maybe a knock off? one side says made in Taiwan ??
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Whats the going price on a near immaculate/immaculate Nova 700 now a days?
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Originally Posted by Seymour View Post
Whats the going price on a near immaculate/immaculate Nova 700 now a days?
$175-200 max I'd say

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10-4. Thanks boss.
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Originally Posted by Opforgunner View Post
picked this up and for a steal....realistically what would it be worth or would I be better off converting it to a pump and parting the rest[/url]

Originally Posted by TippmannFireman View Post
05 Prostock with E1. I'd say somewhere around $300. I'm sure you could part the E1 setup for $100-ish.
I don't think that has a E1. I think that is a 05 superstock with selectfire frame. It is worth 150 at most.
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Tippman C3 value

Found one local, not sure what is a fair price would be. Any ideas?

listed as used but not working ATM, but from description, it sounds like it might just need to be cleaned.

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They had some issues with igniters ..Not working and broken are the same thing.If you really have to have it 50.00 and pray you can fix it..Clean and working they range from 140.00 -up I ended up with 3 brand new in the box ones and sold them for 80.00 each as untested AS IS to friends..It wasent worth getting bad feedback here or Ebay since they work one minute and not at all the next..

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What would sell for more and be easier to sell?

1. A stock 2k6 Infamous Timmy


2. An older style E2 Black Magic with CP upgrades

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