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marlin makes this nice littel carbine that shoots 45 acp load it with dumb dumbs and they have low penatraion with huge stoping power or go with riot shot in a semi auto shot gun
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When you get right to it this smacks of just fishing for an excuse for another gun that you want anyway but now you'll be able to say "Look honey, the guys on the PAINTBALL website agree with my choice for a new rifle! I TOLD you, didn't I?".

Well, I for one ain't getting sucked down THAT road. No way I want your missus mad at ME for supporting your sordid cheap trick.......

I had a "Paintball God" moment once.
Like Al Bundy's Polk High football moment I live on
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Originally Posted by Railgun View Post
Correct me if I'm wrong, and being Canadian with only a smattering of firearms knowledge that's quite possible, but for stopping power isn't it more about the energy transfer and the ability of the bullet to STAY in the attacker's body that counts? 7.62 and the newer NATO standard high velocity 5.56 is all about WOUNDING a soldier so the other side has to use more resources to care for them. At least that's one aspect.


Somehow I can't see much stopping power from an "acupuncture needle" that just zips right through a body and leaves them with a bit of a sting even if it'll result in their death a few minutes later after they are finished stabbing you 50 times or wearing out a pipe on your head while their puny brain slowly gets the message.
At a high enough muzzle velocity you don't need much expansion to transfer more than enough energy. My 7mm magnum has over 3000fps of velocity. Even on a poor shot I've never had to track a deer more than say 30 feet (and that one fell down a hill).

(those with weak stomachs stop here, others highlight below hidden text)
The last deer I shot was partially hidden in some tall grass, so the vital area was concealed. My shot unfortunately was a gut shot. The shot exited with minimum expansion (judging by the exit hole, silver dollar sized) but dragged about 15 feet of intestines out of the hole. The deer ran about 20 feet, collapsed, and rolled down a hill.

This is of course a moot point if over penetration is a concern.
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those gut shot deer smell real nice don't they Fubarius? lol...
Originally Posted by chlsnk View Post
"Go ahead and strip and cut that puppy down because all you are doing is making mine worth more"
Originally Posted by DSA View Post
Ok choochie, the duck is not troubled, it's dated. The technology is old, it's like 8mm stop motion film reels, nothing will ever replace them, they are nostalgic one of a kind but for today's youth the expectations are CGI.
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i hit a deer with my .45-70

it didnt get up, LOL but it was kinda cool, first time i ever shot the gun
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