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I was wondering if ther are normally snipers in pb games? also what would be a good pb sniper marker?
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Originally Posted by StevanJay View Post
I was wondering if ther are normally snipers in pb games? also what would be a good pb sniper marker?

More like sneaky guys crawling around the woods. The best gun for this (in my opinion) is the Gen-e matrix(dm3, matrix lcd...). It is extremely quiet and extremely fast when needed.

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Originally Posted by Party View Post
I think he has an exellent point.
However I think we can all agree that putting five balls on someones face from a full run with a pgp takes the most skill of all.
Why is it considered luck when I put 5 balls on your face from a full run with my Ego, but skill when you shoot me in the back when I walk by the bush you've been hiding in for an hour with a pgp?
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pb snipers are definetly few and far between

a truely effective pb sniper serves more of a scout role in senario type pb games using radio communication between a large force and him/herself. A sniper who opens up alone on a force of players isnt going to stay hidden for long.

realistically all pb markers have the same accuracy and a high level of consistency so there really isnt a true pb sniper marker capable of picking off players at greater disances....there is of course pb bows but those are expensive

my recommendation would be to get a tippman style marker as these are rugged and cheap so you can drag them through the dirt
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The snipers in paintball are those who hide and take those accurate shots, not those who shoot from a miles away. Remember all gun shoot around the same range.
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Not in the military sense, as the game itself excludes using any equipment that really gets you a range advantage, FPS limit is FPS limit. If you want to play a scenario game all hidden and trying to steathily take out targets, then you can say that's paintball sniping.
As for markers, anything consistent, that allows for easy prone shooting, and is all camo'ed out like yourself would suit the bill.
A non magnifying reddot sight that works with your marker setup and mask, with shoot through lens covers will also add to the effect and be somewhat practical.

That's about as far as you can go technology wise that is condusive to hiding and trying to tag guys on a paintball field, the rest is technique to ambush guys walking around and trying not to be seen, with playing range, that isn't often easy.

Don't get sucked into the super long barrel, marker add on stuff that wastes your money and makes a big heavy marker with no advantages in any direction, unless you really want that looks.

A good setup tippman, a black electropnuematic, a palmer marker, anything can be made to work with a good airsetup, good paint to barrel match (a barrel kit or a few different sized barrels on hand), and a good regulator system is all you need.

in big woods scenario games...I HAVE been eliminated by some prone guy hiding and making that really good shot... so the concept DOES exist, but not in any traditional sence of the word. Not so much in recball or close quarters/building scenario games.

So what I am saying anyone can simply try and be strealthy and sneaky to get some elims....without buying equipment to make them a 'paintball sniper'', all that is most marker decorations..

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you just opened up a rather large can of worms here.

Many people argue the semantics of what a potential 'paintball sniper' is. The most commonly agreed upon definition is;

"a player who uses cover and stealth to eliminate opponents with a few well placed shots"

asking if there are "Normally snipers in PB games" is a lot like asking if there's usually a heavy gunner. Point in fact is that unless you are playing scenario paintball at big games, just about any player can 'snipe' if they can hide and get the drop on someone; this of course gets exponentially harder when you are on speedball/xball type fields.

Now... a good 'Sniper Marker'. No such thing.

People will point you towards specially modified markers that are supposed to be super-accurate and look really mean. It's a bunch of bullhockey.

The absolute best sniper marker has three qualities.

1) You are comfortable with the weight and feel.
2) It's easy for you to aim
3) It's consistent.

1 and 2 are both very personal preference! I like heavier markers with shoulder stocks, others like really light markers without stocks, still more prefer an ever broader and different set of characteristics. My advice is to shop around and see what you like. It doesn't need to be pricey, it doesn't need to be from a particular manufacturer (*cough*Tippmann*cough*). Just because a marker is designed to take things like shoulder stocks and military looking accessories does not make it a good platform. Good is what feels right to you.

now, number 3, consistency.

You need to use a regulator. I like WGP Ergo regs and Palmer's Stabilizers. They can both handle CO2, are both pretty good (Stabilizers are better IMHO) and can both be externally adjusted.

A regulator makes sure the pressure going into your gun is the same each and every shot.

Next up is a decent barrel. Don't get pulled in by the hype over barrel kits and rifling. Just get a decent barrel. A lot of people will recommend J&J, Lapco and Dye. There's a reason for this, trust me. a J&J barrel is nicely priced and does a pretty good job IMHO; but your mileage may vary.

Lastly, and most importantly. Good paint.

You can have the best setup in the world, but if you're shooting crap paint, it'll still hook and curve like it was shot out of the cheapest chinese made marker. If you're going to buy paint, just buy the freshest and roundest paint you see; seems like it costs a lot more, but if you're watching your shots, you actually shoot less of it.

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Something that at first seems counter-intuitive about paintball "sniping": Use a pistol.

As mentioned above, a paintball at 300 fps is a paintball at 300 fps...there's no range difference (barring Apex/Flatline effects) if you shoot it from a 2lb Tac8 or a 12 lb Tippmann with a 21" barrel, and all sorts of lazer optics mounted on Picatinny's.

The key to being a paintball sniper is a) stealth and b) mobility. If you're trying to crawl through brush, a giant marker is going to be a hindrance. If you're trying to sprint to a nice copse of trees as soon as the whistle blows, a giant marker is going to be a hindrance. If you're trying to dash up the sidelines to get a good angle on someone in a bunker, a giant marker is going to be a hindrance. If you just "sniped" a player or two, and you need to haul *** because their 5 buddies now know where you were hiding, a giant marker is going to be a hindrance.

A solid 10 shot semi-auto pistol can be surprisingly effective, and you'll be surprised how much more nimble you can be in the field if that's all you're packin'.
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The entire concept of the paintball sniper makes my head hurt. They just dont have the range. If you can shoot them, they can shoot you. The field (for the most part) is pretty level. Stealth and better mobility does not equate to a sniper on its own.
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I like the way Mayvik thinks, and indeed he is very right.
Whenever I play as a "sniper" I go with my tac-8. Then I can move far faster, my marker is less of a target, I can move quietly and since i'm "sniping" I don't need more then the eight shots it carries anyways.
Plus it's one of my more accurate markers.
Or go with a nice stock class marker, like a phantom. All the above applies plus it's pump.

And Walking Target is absolutely correct too.
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I've been called a "sniper" at my local field by kids who mistake anyone who gets the drop on them a "sniper". I don't argue wit them, but I agree that Sniping in paintball is not sniping in the true definition. If you are interested in being a (Paintball) Sniper though then heres how to go about it...

Get a light, reliable, tough, accurate marker...some will argue any marker can be as accurate as the next...I used to use my Milsim'ed A5 which I spent a lot of money trying to "mod it out to snipe" and it was honestly quite a waste, though the A5 is a great marker. I'd recomend a Tippmann Pro/Carbine or Pro/Lite, completely stock. Should be cheap, theres a Pro/lite up for sale right now infact, comes with mods. In reality the only thing you will need to upgrade is your barrel. Keep the gun small and light, and if your a good, quick shot I would even say a marking pistol is a good idea as a primary.

Next, do a lot of practice shooting, untill your as accurate as possible. Get a small hopper (50 or so rounds) and learn to get sneaky in the field, very sneaky, you want to use as little paint as possible while getting eliminations. As a Sniper you want to keep your distance, as a Paintball Sniper the closer the better, so be very stealthy.

Don't be afraid to MOVE! lol, move fast when the need araises, don't sit in one place and expect to "snipe", and after you shoot, go somewhere else, but only shoot to get an elimination. Don't be afraid to expose yourself, just get going and dissapear again.

In reality Paintball Sniping is very contridictory to real Sniping.
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