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Why do you play pump??

I got to thinking about this...
Why do we play pump?
When you think about it, it sounds stupid!
We are going up against far superior firepower.
So, why do you do it???

I know why I do... everything else just got boring, and pump has finally brought that same "rush" back to the game that I first experienced over 7 years ago.

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I'd say the thing that drives me to play pump is the uniqueness factor. Since so few people actually play with a pump, you stand out against the crowd. Not that I hurt for attention... it's just I like to do unique things, and not 'toe the party line' so to speak. Plus, I think pumps have a lot more potential in the coolness department. Anyone can pick a cool anodizing scheme for a whiz-bang electro, but with pumps, there are many different configurations and accessories that can create entire classes in themselves: for example, the KL series, with the lever action; CCM or WWA Sniper kits for any cocker out there!; and the AutoMag pump kit, it functions through disfunction! The pump world is in its own class, and I think that's what people like so much about it.
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Post Whore
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Same as the earlier two. It's more of a rush, and not many other people do it.

Plus, full bragging rights--when you get hit from an Ion, no big deal. But when it take a single shot to mark that Ion kiddy--and occasionaly a second or third to actually get him to *leave*--it's much more satisfying than throwing a full pod downrange.

Plus, my Phantom is lighter than any semi I've ever use.

And, as a tinker, they're a lot easier to work with, and allow a bit more tolerance if you're not worried about efficiency.
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because its what jesus would do....

but seriously, theres no greater feeling than gogging a timmy-toting tourney wannabe with a stock class marker...sadly though, the nor-cal players are getting wise to the pump players and arent fearing us as much as they used to...the kids still always have fun comments though. I'm also much more manuverable with my phantom than with my EBZ or Cyborg or whatever...its so much lighter and i find i can avoid getting shot a lot easier.

I'd much rather play pump against timmys, angels, and cyborgs than against other pump players though...pumpers are freaking hard to hit!
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When I first started playing semi I would blow alot of money on paint. My kids then got the bug so I had to triple the cost of paint/air so that we would all have fun.

I picked up a pump at my local field just to give it a whirl, wow I was hooked!
Since then its always been pump play for me, the great thing is that out of my two sons that play, one has also picked up the pump habit.

Regardless, I will always have a semi-so that I can unleash once in awhile, but it seldomly comes out.

I have also noticed that within the "pump" forums the community is more down to earth and alot easier to deal with. Friendly too!

I cant stand all the "AGG" crap that goes on at the "place we dont mention". Must be to old for that.

Overall, the markers & mods you see done to pumps is simply awesome, alot of custom uniqueness, and thats what I like. Not just a bunch of "loud" annodizing and a bunch of computer parts rammed into a grip.

Plus the look on the kids faces when my old *** takes them and there $1000 markers out with ONE ball!!! PRICELESS>>>
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It's just damn fun. I started out playing semi and just in the past couple of years have I played pump. I love it. So much easier to run around, less gear... It's also a harder game so I have to really get in the middle of the poop... heh... Plus the whole financial aspect of only needing 200 rounds for a day make it very attractive.

Andry : )

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Either because that is the gun that feels good to me that day, or because Im wanting to run something different.
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Because there's nothing quite like the feeling of gogging some Angel-toting 12-year-old at 75 feet with a single shot. Except maybe hitting his buddy right next to him with the next shot. I've done this many times with my Phantom. Rarely do I ever get single-shot eliminations when shooting a semi. I think, subconsiously (that's a contradiction, I guess), I know that the next ball is just a trigger pull away, so I tend to "walk" shots in rather than taking the time & effort to actually aim? I dunno.

I used to start out every day with my Phantom until I gauged the competition, saw how experienced and/or skilled the rest of the walk-on group was. Nowadays, though, I just get pissed because there are so many friggen hosers out there that dump a hopper of paint in one string - and I'm usually on the recieving end of that string. So, now I usually start out with my Blazer. Later in the day, when they're running low on paint and tired out (yeah, like I'm not ) , I bring out a pump and show them how the game is played...
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I find that pump is an excellent way to build skills when I play rec ball. It also makes an excellent backup to my primary Scenario gun....not much can go wrong with a well maintained pump

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So i can spend more on guns instead of paint.
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