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Theres a stuff in a small clear bottle thats actualy called rust breaker, that works well along with a rag for surface rust. I still recomend a good polish afterwards though.
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Originally Posted by kidneythief View Post
Electrolytic rust removal,

Mix 1 part baking soda or the prefered washing soda with 10 parts water. Next take a car battery or car battery charger and hook the positive lead to the part to be cleaned and submerge it into the soda/water solution. Next slowly drop the negative lead into the solution. Let it sit for about 10 minutes. The parts should bubble, and the rust will simply wash away.
That's way, waaaay too much - 1 tablespoon to a gallon is plenty. I'm keeping a plastic 55 gallon drum for exactly this purpose - hook it up to my "electric tombstone" and let it work. Also, what's nice about this method is that the solution lasts forever, you just gotta skim it once and while, and the sludge is basically rust, water and washing soda - it's nontoxic, so it can go out in the regular trash.

This is Dave Cofer's setup:

That's a 300 gallon stock watering tank. Dave kindly pointed out that a full box of Arm and Hammer's "Washing soda", was just about perfect for the tank.

On Adrian's forum, we were talking about using a "free" swimming pool, and a 500 AMP DC welder to do whole truck frames

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Woops I meant to say 1 teaspoon.


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