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Cool Whooo Pricing Questions!

Hey long time no type, basically Ive been away conditioning for MMA (mixed martial arts) finishing up my senior year with an AP class. Yes AP Advance placement, college level YESS!!!! In my school its a feat if you get in Honors classes the kids in AP in my school are geniouses. He graduated but my freind Elli doesnt have to take his freshmen year in Cornell because of his AP test scores. And hes on a scholarship. SO, I dont have either the time or the money for paintball anymore.

I need to pay to get alot of equipment, pay for tournement fee's, and ect... So my last two paintball guns have to go and Im not sure the pricing on them.

Autococker Pump with a Pnuematic assist never used in a game. Didnt feel like spending hours fixing seals and valves so I brought it to a pro shop they did the work for me. Fired it once after that using 12 grams, which led me to conclude 12 grams should not be used with this you get like 7 shots. I then added a raptor bottom line and put it in my closet.

Simple over view, nicely put together, double trigger, 3 brass barrels, basically new.

TAG 8 or Tiberious or Black Hawk what ever you want to call it. I bought it at D-Day gassed it up made sure it held air, put it in the box intending to use it at the night game and ended up using an ion and getting lost in the woods all night. The clips are weird, although never being really used it has some flaking on the clips.

Simple over View, still in box, 3 clips, new condition.

(Pictures later.)

Just basic price guesses, what would be reasonable Ive been out of the market for a while and away from this site.
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I am not sure about the cocker, but the tag 8 usually goes for around $300 I think.
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maybe 180 for the cocker... or under that if you cant find the feedneck (I am assuming its not on the gun there?)
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I think you'll get more money if you sell the brass cocker barrels seperately. I'd think you would be able to get somewhere between $20-$30 each for them when sold individually, but they won't add that much value to the cocker as part of the package.
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I have the feedneck and I should part the barrels? And the Tag 8 wont sell for $300 I know that so what should I ask $250-260?

And the Cocker $180 with all barrels or with one? Ill part them and keep one for the Cocker, so like $25 a peice?
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