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Question about Vector Velocity Adjuster

Am I right in thinking this was called "The Thruster"? If so, how can I tell if a Vector has it?


P.S. - I don't own - I'm trying to identify this for someone else.

Thanks a lot.
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There are two types of Air Power Vector; those with an internal velocity adjuster and those without any velocity adjustment at all.

The non-adjustable group requires the addition of an external ly adjustable regulator. The regulator marked by Air Power was called the "Thruster" and thus all un-regulated Vectors were known as "Thruster-ready".

The Vectors with velocity adjusters can be distinguished by the set screw that will be visible inside one of the two holes in the interior of the rear ASA. These holes are threaded and the set screw presses on a cup which in turn compresses the cupseal spring, thus altering the velocity.

The most annoying part of the adjustable Vectors was the need to de-gas and unscrew the air source each time you desired to adjust the velocity.

Any Vector with a velocity aparatus can be converted to a "Thruster-ready" Vector simply by removing the aparatus and replacing the cup seal spring.

The Thrusters were ahead of their time, but they are mostly collectibles now. All my game Vectors wear Palmer Stabilizers.

Hope this helped.

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Thanks you very much, DRUM. Absolutely helps.
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