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On the contrary, I tried this where the side rail of my zeus G2+ was once mounted. I tapped one of the front holes in the side 8-32 and simply got a hex screw and bolted a cheap old Bear sight to the side. I sighted looking down the side of the gun, holding it the same way each time. It helped very much in getting the range of my shots right.
You could put a small peep and pinsight on two tac-rails mounted on the side of a longer gun and I bet it would be very effective. Having the ranges at 30' 50' 70' would give you a nice reference and cut down on having to walk your shots in.
For shooting at someone who's bunkered up a good distance away, this would let you be more consistent too I suspect.
Good for the longball but in the way for everything else, it was a no-go on my pistol, so I forgot all about it til I read this. I think it's worth further investigation for you.

Maybe a 1" by 3" rectangular tube front with slots cut in the walls so you can have pins sticking into it from either side and a raised peep for a rear sight. Imagine playing dusk and night games with lit fiberoptic pins.

Good Times!
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I bought a $3 Daisy red dot sight for my SL-68, Its ugly and plastic but i like it. It works wonders at dusk when you cant see really how low or high you are shooting.

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OK, thanks guys for all the input.
I play pump, so walking in with my shots is not an option, that's why I am looking for a sight with the mutiple pins option.
The funny thing is that I shoot my bows without a sight, but somehow this doesn't work for me when I am shooting "guns".

I think the "peepsight" can be easily made with a little ghostring or a v-notch at the back of the marker.

But I am still wondering how to mount the sight.
Putting it on the side is option I hadn't thought about, thanks agentSmith!
And yes, I am thinking about the fiberoptic pins.

There are a lot El Cheepo's sights out there, but there are also very wellbuild all metal sights on the market.
I wonder how many reddot sights can take a direct hit.........

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I forget which company, but I know there was one warrantied against paintball dammage.

I used to use a BSA knockoff on my vector, with no issues. Heck, if you are looking for one, it just needs a new battery and I'll send it to you for 15 shipped.
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tasco, IIRC, will give you a new sight if yours breaks during a game
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woomp, there it iz:

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That is some marker...............
Thanks for this picture.

But still, pics of a 'normal' marker anyone?

Sorry Azzy I'm not looking for a reddot and BTW I live in the Netherlands so I think $15,- wouldn't even cover the shipping!
But thanks for the offer though...........

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I have red dot sights on about 10 guns and always on the one that I use. Not the open air cheap ones (Daisy) but tube and 1X optics type - BSA, Tasco, etc.

I have never had one break from being hit over the last 15 years. I do have 1 dead one but I think it was rain or old age and not shock that killed it (after a few years of use).

I am missing something, why do you need more than one dot?

If you set the dead on point at 30 meters, and you know you are shooting 20 or 40 meters, don't you just aim up or down by the right number of cm/inches based on how your gun is shooting that day with that weather and that paint? Why have 3 dots? Do you recalibrate them each day?

I use the sight on 90% of my shots. If 3 dots will improve my game then I am certainly open to it.

Sorry to steal the thread but I had to ask.
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FYI, the company that warranteed against paintball damage was ADCO
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Good to hear that the reddots perform so good when hit.
I didn't know, I was just wondering!

The idea behind the three pins is that you calibrate them each on the distance you want.
If you do that for say, 20, 30 and 40 yards, you just take the pin you need to take your shot.
But your also getting the 'in between ranges', put one pin on the head and the other on the feet, or top of the head and the chest, or.......
You get the idea.
It makes you more accurate once you are used to it and very quick.
My son shoots this way in 3d tournaments, he learned it very quickly and is deadly accurate with his bow.
With a bowsite you can quickly adapt for paint shooting higer or lower.

I am not sure if you can set the three dots on a crossbow reddot separatly.
I think they are preset on 10 yards.
Anyone who knows for sure?

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