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Suggestions for an autococker project

I've been wanting to do a "built from scratch" autococker project for some time now. Of course, there are hundreds of flavors - my question is -- what is your favorite.

Since this will be something that I'll build from individual parts, let me start by asking what is your favorite autococker body style.

Eventually, I'd want to add a WORR Blade frame (already have a mech triggered cocker)

your suggestions are welcome!

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go for a 2k2 body, they generally are very clean looking, add a Benchmark slide frame, delrin bolt, Palmer's regs and pneumatics and stick a 10* ASA on it.

there you go

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ok, there are two different flavors you can choose...and for each one there are different parts that i personally would choose to use...

Body: Full Size - CCM, Jakal, Shocktech, Twister Lite, FreeFlow, or even the 2k2/2k3 stock bodies...Half Block - Docs Fastback, PBX, Turtle, or RaceGun
Rods: CCM Pump Arm/Cocking Pin
Front Block: PPS LPR, PPS Quicker Ram or Eclipse Ram w/ QEV's...and of course solenoid
Lower Tube: Eclipse Supercharger Valve Kit w/ Rex Dialer spring adjustor
Upper Tube: Shocktech Superfly, Slik Bolt, AKA Lightning in Delrin
Blocks: either the ones that come with the gun or the slik blocks
Frame: Eclipse E2 frame...all the way...much smoother than the Worr or E1
Inline Reg: Palmer Male Stabilizer, Shocktech Inline, AKA Sidewinder/2-Liter...fastest and best regs i've ever used.
drop and ASA are personal preference...

Mech Cocker:
Body: Full Size - Palmers, CCM, Jakal, Shocktech, Evolution, BBT, Twister Lite
Rods: CCM pump arm/cocking pin/timing rod
Front Block: PPS Quick Pro Kit...complete front block kit with all PPS parts.
Lower Tube: Palmer LT Valve assembly, Maddman Spring Kit and whichever RVA you like.
Upper Tube: AKA Lightning Bolt, Shocktech Superfly, Jam Bolt
Blocks: ones that come with the body would be the best reciprocating mass isnt as much an issue
Frame: Slider - Benchmark .45 Frame, all the way, with a PPS Trigger Stop Trigger Shoe...Hinge - Eclipse Hinge Frame, KAPP Reflex Frame, or AKA Hinge Frame
Inliene Reg: PPS Male Stabilizer, Shocktech Inline, or CP reg.
Drop or ASA is personal choice
- Tim Firpo - Airsmith
- w w w . P a i n t b a l l T e k . c o m

- West Coast warranty center for Boston Paintball 'Twister' markers
- Certified Planet Eclipse Service Center and Traveling Tech
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My favorites in order:

Turtle Delrin Half-block
AKA Merlin
FBM Half-***
Spanky tubed bodies are cool too...

Belsales ram
Micro-rock LPR

Maddmann Rocket
AKA Tornado
...'cause bandaid's stuck on me!
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