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Originally Posted by russc View Post
I hate Smart Parts for two reasons. One, they are the evil empire of legal aggression. Two, their dumb lawsuits failed to force e-guns to extinction like I had hoped. ......
Why do I get the idea that so many fellow MCB'ers are sagely sitting at their monitors and knodding their heads in agreement with this statement....

I've heard a lot of complaints about Freaks. The worst of which is that the sizes of the inserts are not always as accurate as they should be and that the barrels are not made as accuratley as they should be for the price point. Perhaps the SS inserts are a little more accurate?

I scored a J&J Edge system from ebay a while back for my autocockers. It's very nice with a good range of small bores. Unfortunetley the Freak system is the only other system with a good selection of small bore sizes. Most of the other barrel kits I've seen seem to run from only semi small to humoungous.
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I chose the freak due to "multiple" bore options if you mixed SS and AL you get something like 10 diferent sizes. (my set new was an AL 8 bore + front + back = 4 (50$) good barrels) I was not a Smart Parts fan, still dont like them. but in terms of life cycle costs the freak seams most versitile. what i mean is that after initial buy in, if i change gun at most all i need is a new back not a new kit.

As to the yea/nay on too get a kit, the flexability plus improved air usage of your setup is worth it. it did seem to be more acurate and consistent, but that may have been a fluke. something else that i heard was that the SS had a lower friction point then the AL due to the polish and metal properties. I dont know how much fact is in that but the SS internal is very shiney when compaired to the AL, so it makes sence.

Is the bore smoother on the stainless? IMO-yes, see above
Are the tolerances tighter? - in what ways do you mean, at one time the SS and AL have Different Bores. if i remember right SS goes 2 sizes smaller, AL 1 size larger.
Are folks concerned about 'damaging' the aluminum ones, since it's a softer metal? - always a concern when dealing with the larger bore (very thin insert) and yes dropping it may render it useless, depending on how and what it hits.
Do the stainless inserts self-clean better? - i think that is relitive to how well you take care of your gear, SS is a harder material and will last longer
Are the stainless considered 'better accuracy' than the aluminum? -IMO- the barel will have more influence on the accuracy not the bore size insert, the insert helps with the initial control of air around/behind the ball at initial moment of fire. after that it is up to the barrel.

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How about the Scepter kits?
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