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i had an original WGP auto-cocker kit for side cocking nelson based guns.

i ran it on my hammer no problems, was loud, and fun, and worked just like a cocker, and even used a cocker front block setup.

it is possible but alot harder to get a nelson to be autococking because slamming the bolt/hammer assembly back will sometimes push the valve tube in, causing it to burp on the recock. on the hammer, if i held down the trigger when the arm wasnt adjusted right, it would just hold the valve open, but on the WGP kit you could adjust the length of the ram arm so it wouldnt go back far enough to open the valve.
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What About Full Auto With This Puppy?
The Nelly with Chameleon kit?

Yes Pnumatic FA is possible, I built one around a chemelion kit on a razorback. However the first shot would never fire, and or double load when it did fire. Without solving the first shot issue, parts cost in excess of $400 dollars. I used to have a schematic that I drew up, I'll see if I cant find it and post it. Honestly I would not bother with pnumatic FA, unless your going the route of the ATS (IIRC) guns. (hammer operates 4 way) Even then be prepared to spend some bucks. You can get FA using pnumaticss in one other way involving the use of a bellcrank (basicly the hammer trips the bellcrank) but its uncontrolable once it starts. I stumbled upon this by mistake with my Nel-Mare/ Hel-spot Project.
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