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pre2k vs post2k cockers

Ok so I've heard mumblings and shouts about this but what is the deal here?

Are post 2k autocockers really that much worse and why?

What makes a pre 2k autococker better?
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It all depends on what you're trying to accomlish.

-The big change between pre2k and 2k+ cockers is in the increase in the size of the air chamber and the corresponding increase in the size of the banjo bolt holding the front block on.

A bigger air chamber is 'better' for low pressure operation, it allows the gun to operate effectively at 'low' pressures. It does not significantly improve other aspects of function.

If you're interested in running a sniper2 on 12 grams, the larger air chamber is detrimental to efficiency (shot count). A 12 gram wants to expand as little as possible inside the gun for greatest efficiency.

-In 2K they also shortened the back bolt, which ment that the back block was also shorter. For those who are trying to get the fastest cycling rates possible, this loss of weight on the assembly was touted as being an improvement. The 'low weight' back block-bolt assembly gets its ultimate expression in the 'slik-kit' with its (ugly) minimalist parts. The idea of lightening the moving mass is a good one, but it fails to directly adress the problem of spring tension in the main spring, or the weight of the hammer being moved.

-The 2k bodys are also slightly narrower, so if you are changing the vertical ASA you need to be aware of the difference.

Overall I've found there's very little functional difference on the field between pre2k and post 2k bodies...there's a lot more variable in how people tune their cockers than in the physical differences.

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95% of it is newitis, ie, if its old its no good, if its newer it HAS to be better then old. rath pretty well summed up the actual differnces, and pre 2k pump kits are slightly harder to find. things like back block, bolt, pneus and frames are subject to personal prefernce regardless and easily swapped and it became as much marketing as it was performance upgrades. considering that if someone buys a stock cocker, the odds are they'll start swaping anyway if its not already swapped, theres not a lot of logic behind it. the biggest disadvantage in my mind is to the 2k+'s in that they quickly started to have more milling, limiting the options for milling them further.
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