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ho yeah, i want a lapco barrel :'( or a diska for my ATS Barrels
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Next best thing is an Bigoldskool loudener.
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Originally Posted by zenmic View Post
"Loud N Proud" good name for it!
Yeah I was thinking about a shirt that said that with ats markers on it.
But at the moment I dont need another project on my plate.
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Once I get a few more video's of ATS markers in action I will post them. I hate the fact that there is not much about them on youtube; it bugs me.
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Hi there, first time posting on mcb just to talk.

I've had my one AT since 2002 and wouldn't want anything else.

I bought it as a "used" (shipped away to store and shipped back) AT85 directly out of Rob's shop there in Coon Rapids, MN. He gave me a good run down on how it worked and showed me all the other marker styles they had and answered my questions about its operation. We then went out back and with it gased up, shot about 30 balls through it after which I asked, "Do you take checks?"

At the time I was playing on a college speed ball team in Mankato, MN and after a few games I decided I needed something a bit smaller (yeah, I was running around with a full sized 85 with loaders. I was used to woodsball okay? My last gun for three years had been a stingray II) so I drove back up there and bought a at10 body and a hopper mag.

We took 12th in the nation out of 182 teams that year and every game people were asking, "what the hell is that thing?"

Thousands of paintballs, over a hundred games, in the rain mud and sun and the thing keeps ticking.

I still think the best feature of the entire marker is its barrel. That unizier is unquestionably the best invention paintball has ever seen. You can go on about electros, force feeding hoppers, low pressure systems, but NOTHING has given more of an edge to the player and putting paint on target point of aim than that little piece of aluminum.

Crap paint to ultra premium: I'll shoot your finger if I can see it while you're tucked in a back field beer can.

After not playing for maybe 7 years, I sent the 85 back to Rob for a tune up and played with it last weekend for five hours at a local field (this time I played a lot of woods ball, and 2 on 2 speed ball. All in the at85 set up) and it ran like a swiss watch. Me with my 85 and my partner playing with a Tippmann 98 rental set up, against two empire ax's. Accuracy and agression beats out 25bps any day. 5-0 says the score.

I gotta say it's perfect.


It's black. And Awesome!

You seriously can't buy a better marker that plays in every catagory of the sport.
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Glad to see you love the ATS gun.

just a quick note....around the ATS forum we use 2 words.


also...It's "Gumby" not Rob.
"Come at me one at a time or all at once, for the music fades and I'll have this dance done"

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I just got the Bolt Seal TS 1561 from Gumby. Parts are available with Gumby becasue he work there. Thanks again.
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