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Another AT-xx problem, possibly Ninja 13ci tank related

I recently acquired another ATS marker and it has a couple of problems. The cog/pull issues I'm fine with, but the gun base still has problems on a known good receiver. When I attach my tank, nothing happens. I can hear the marker pressurize, but the pneumatics do not activate/cycle and I get no 'pop' noise. Occasionally there will be a tiny leak down the barrel. My first thought was to look at the regulator, but turning it in or out made no difference.

However, on my functional AT, the same tank seems to only barely screw in enough to work. If I don't really tighten it on, the marker cycles really slowly and/or stalls. This leads me to wonder if the tank valve is not opening enough to provide correct input pressure. I have no way to test the tank's output aside from returning it to the shop, and I have no spare HOA tanks to test either.

Would/could a faulty regulator prevent a marker from airing up? Or could this ASA/tank combo be the problem?

I just opened up the regulator and I can see part of an oring pushing past the piston. I don't imagine that is the normal operational configuration.

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that does seem like it may be the problem. otherwise I would try a reg rebuild also. on the ats first, then maybe tank itself
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