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When you have a fun time playing and didn't even shoot a half case in 8 hours
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When kids at the field look at your gun, and upon seeing all the exposed hoses, think that it is broken...
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...Your tool Kit includes Dental picks, tweezers, Hemostat, Q-tips, metal file, sand paper, colored springs, and dozen different O-rings

... You're the only one who actually uses the .050 and 1/16" allen key to adjust the trigger shoe and timing collar

... the kids are puzzled when they ask you where the ON switch is
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...when people bring you spyders to fix because they think your the local field's standby tech
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......when you have a dream that you went to a flea market and saw a pile of black anno qev's on a table for a dollar piece and bought them all, only to wake up right after you do

(yes that happened last night)

I don't always play pump, but when I do, I prefer a rotor.....stay agg my friends.
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When you hear these kids bragging about 20+ balls per second and you think, three balls should do the trick....
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When you look at all other guns at a field and think "even though he sold his truck and his girlfriend to afford that electro, he's still lucky not to know what last minute tweaking is"!!!!!!
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Walking off the field the ref asks to dry shoot my gun, shoots some (almost all short strokes) then hands it back saying "this trigger is wierd, I can't walk it good"
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When there is +100 people at the field and there isn't another gun like yours.
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you get so fed up with tinkering with your pneus you call up CCM and put a pump kit on it.
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