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Cocker Rams

I searched around a bit on here but haven't really found quite what I'm looking for so I'll just a make a thread about. I'm a bit late on the cocker era.

Autococker Rams. What's good. What sucks.

I'm building a mech with a hinge frame. I'm planning on a Bomb 3way and ST or Palmers LPR (unless someone has another suggestion).

But I know next to nothing about rams.

I have two ecocker builds that I want to use MP4 rams for the built in QEV's but I know nothing about performance differences for rams on mechanical cockers.

I've heard Eclipse/Besales is good, but I don't know why.

I don't need the most expensive rams or need QEV's on my mech but I want something rebuildable, decent quality and smooth to shoot.
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WGP STO ram. Shocktech ram. Freeflow/MPP/Palmers ram. All those are smooth and reasonably prices rams.

As for what "sucks", paying too much for a ram because it says eclipse/belsales on the package.
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Eclipse/Belsales are hands down the smoothest rams, but you dont need that on a mech.
I too, recommend an STO ram. Very smooth action for a mech.
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Personally I like the ans rammers, they can be found for cheap nearly always. But all the people saying STO rammers make me want to use the one I have laying around and never tried. A random by the way, evil rammers are really bad, stay away.
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Sto and belsales rams are not only good rams, but they're also rebuildable. Ans rams are good and easily available, but not rebuildable. My favorite rams are smc/moody rams, but they're a bit harder to find and not rebuildable either.

Qevs aren't needed on a mech, as any of the rams listed will easily keep up.
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