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Shooting right handed, a right feed lets me roll the marker left a little for some relief on my wrist. That way I can use an angled frame comfortably. I shoot better on the move with an angled frame, and in a bunker I can roll the loader left, but over, my line of sight down the barrel.

Elbows are my only complaint against side feeds. I have a few Lukes vert feed mags that give me a low, right feed with no elbow. With the stock frame (single cocker style) and some good grips, I'm comfortable however I play.
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because if you put a cci 10 rounder in a vert feed it just looks weird
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I started shooting right feeds in 1988 and never really got caught up with the new vertical feed craze. I like sighting down the top of the barrel.
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YOU MOTHER****ER!!!!! That was one of my best bans ever!!!!
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Here is something to think about, these modern electros are using offset feeding to keep from breaking brittle paint that drops directly into the bore. So old school right or left feed is still a good idea. My 96 RF rocks just as good today as it did when it was made but I am still surprised when I go back to it and I try to look down the side then realize it is not necessary.
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Originally Posted by leathalh View Post
I think its more a case of right feed guns still floating around than any being manufactured it quantity today. When I started back in the early 90's the center feed gun guys were the weirdo's. We used to laugh about how you couldn't even put a sight on one. There is nothing wrong with right feed guns, it's "old school cool".
LOL I remember the first center feed gun I saw and thought it was stupid, how things have changed.
I remember when elctro guns first came out and thought it would just be a fad. Boy was I wrong. LOL

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It takes me back to a simpler time when paintball was truly fun!!! Here's a thread that I started at CC.

Show your love for side feeds!!
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I am right eye dominant when sighting. By having a right feed 'gun, my field of vision with my left eye is not impaired. I can still see the playing field without a hopper in the way. Also when shouldering on my right side, target acquisition is quicker because of my right eye dominance.
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