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Any cocker experts in Indianapolis region?

Hopefully this is the correct place to post this. I'm a brand new member.

I just bought a lightly used ANS GX-3 from my roomate that someone before him converted to a pump marker. I played with it last weekend and had two somewhat major problems: I couldn't get the velocity over 230fps, and I had a nasty leak down the barrel every time I pulled the trigger. I've adjusted the pressure on the reg, added more oil, and was sure to cock the marker before airing it up, but I keep having the leak problem (Idk what the velocity is looking like after adjusting the reg up). I don't have the expertise or tools to really thoroughly diagnose the problem and would be really grateful if someone on here could actually lay hands on this beast.
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A leak down the barrel after you fire along with low velocity sounds like your hammer spring is too strong. I suggest you get a spring kit and do matched springs. The hammer spring is probably overwhelming the valve spring when the hammer is forward and the valve spring is unable to open the chamber enough to get a decent amount of air through.
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If you don't have any cocker experience I'd recommend getting with someone who does. Looks like you need a pressure tester to get the reg set around 300 psi as a baseline. Also if you're still having a leak down the barrel it could be from the o-ring valves or a poor spring combo--likely an o-ring issue. But to take a looksie you need a cocker valve removal tool. Wish I could help you since I love cockers but I'm on the east coast.

BTW, you can build the pressure tester for a few bucks and a valve tool for $20 or so used. If you're staying in cockers I'd recommend buying the tools as they'll help you for in the long run.

My best to you,
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I'm guessing your reg is set way too high.

Originally Posted by senghing27
Note: While I would love to take credit for his work, I am not associated with Mad Customs!
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Originally Posted by MaD View Post
I'm guessing your reg is set way too high.
I would think if the reg was turned way too high it would close the valve and the hammer wouldnt be able to open the valve causing a short quick fart burp.

I would say the reg could be set too low (not enough air pressure to close the valve) or like what was said above is the IVG is turned too far in or the spring is too strong.

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