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MrCris 05-05-2013 10:16 AM

Karnivor issues

I've got a worrblade (e1) karni and I'm just trying to adjust a few things right now on it. Before I started I thought I'd post here and see if anyone wants to offer some advice. There is no air leaking or any other issues, but it seems to me that the back block is hitting the body a little hard making that clacking sound.

Along with that clacking sound, once the lpr is sweetspotted (to the point where it just cocks the gun) the gun makes quite a loud "POP" when shooting. I thought it was just during dryfire since I know it's louder on dryfire than normal so I put a few balls through it. Still making a loud "POP". I'm waiting to get down to a field so I can chrono and adjust hpr to get velocity to the right range too. Any ideas for fixing this popping noise? Or is it normal? (I can probably get a video of it with audio in the next few days.

Does anyone in the GTA area know where to get some o-ring kits for the karni? I may have to replace a few later on this summer.


MrCris 05-05-2013 07:34 PM

As a learning experience for anyone else that's just starting to play with a karni for real, if you hear that loud "POP" it just means its not running at a pressure that it likes. After getting impatient waiting for help, I decided to do what all cocker owners should love, tinker. Tweaked the reg on it and now shoots ropes, straighter, further and more consistent and no more pop noise.

There are probably many other guides on this but in 2 hours of looking around I didn't find a very clear one.
Instructions for sweet spotting without a gauge on the reg (stock reg) and without a chrono:

1. zero out reg (unscrew completely)
2. turn in one or two full turns (should now roll ball our of barrel or shoot 5 feet)
3. turn in 1/8-1/4 turn at a time until achieved desired distance, speed, and sound.
4. if you cannot get it to desired speed and it begins to drop off again, find max speed by repeating above, and tune via IVG (using karni tool, maybe I will post some instruction on that once I find my tool but until then, its basically the same as any other cocker just with a tool instead of taking off the rod and using a hex.)

Hope this helps anyone else with issues.

kvorkian 05-10-2013 03:18 PM

I commend your ability to troubleshoot and work through.

here are some links that may offer assistance in the future: Autococker Articles

some of the best articles here, especially with the use of an eblade, are Moody's guides - also found here: Welcome to Moody Paintball Products

this guide in particular would provide assistance in timing an eblade: How to time an Eblade

..and how to set a reg: How to set a Reg


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