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cocker pumps

Hey everyone, I've been shooting a SC phantom for a while and figured I'd try venturing into OC cocker pumps. I honestly don't know anything about cockers... can someone explain the difference it makes for a pump between something like a trilogy versus something like a karni?
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cockers for dummies break down

use the large valve, can be run unregulated
must use a special bent pump arm
must use a trilly pump kit (or adapters)

use standard valve, run with reg
must use special pump kit, or mini the body

pre2k cocker:
can be run w/ or w/o reg depending on the valve
must use a pre2k pump kit or have the body machined for 2k+

2k+ cocker:
same as pre2k, but use a 2k+ pump kit

mini cocker pump kit:
no reason to mini a cocker body you want to pump, just gonna cost you an extra $100

body wise....
they are all the same idea.
90% of the cockers on the market take the standard valve
the other 10% take the spyder looking larger valve (trillys, black magic midblock, jole stuff)

body is a body, some are made nicer than others
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Thanks! So beyond the look of the body is there a major difference in the valves that makes one type more preferable than the others?
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like stanchy said, 95% of cocker bodies use the standard size valve. there are different variations of the valve among manufacturers too. a few valves are low pressure(200psi), and the rest are primarily high pressure(350psi).

tornado valves by AKA are pretty sought after as far as a performance valve. they are some of the best at low pressures.

supercharger valves by belsales/eclipse are top notch valves are well. these usually operate in the mid-higher pressure ranges. some have achieved low pressures with these also.

PPS also makes a couple quality valves but i have not used them so i cant speak from experience.
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