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RaceGun software issue

does anyone know why i can't set my Racegun to Ramp mode?
i can put SemiAuto and Classic Modes into the grip when i use "put" to grip

but it will not take any of the other modes which are Sniper,NXL full auto,Burst 3, Ramp.
when i use "put" (Sniper,NXL full auto,Burst 3, Ramp) it comfirms that the grip has recieved it, but when i use "get" it comes up and says its in Classic mode.

i have the leaf switch board with upto date rip and firmware ?

im thinking of taking the grip off my STO and putting on my new Empire Resurrection Cocker

any help would be cool thanks
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Best way to test it is to put it in training mode, put it in ramp, and shoot it a few times to see if it is ramping.
Ive never used the cheater modes when tuning, so I am a bit rusty on the firing modes. Ive got 2 guns to tune this weekend and I will take a look at RIP.

IIRC, RIP will reset it to classic or semi every time you pull the settings. Again, I have not messed with the firing modes in a very long time so there are some cobwebs in the memory.
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ok cool will try it out this weekend
iv never used it before, but now that Ramp is allowed in some comps i just want to see if i can set it up.

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