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Need some advice with a sport

Hello all I am a recent transplant from SCP and I am in need of some advice. My project was to come up with a limited air semi which means a trilogy that runs on 12 grams. I like to play pump and don't mind playing using 12 grams just not both together. So I had this idea to run a trilogy on 12 grams, after doing a lot of reading I settled on getting a sport. Which I did for a really good price, I decided on the sport because of the gas through grip instead of a reg. I read that the sport had stiffer springs and a different valve to handle the high pressures without a regulator. I came to a conclusion this would be better with 12 grams. Tonight I actually went out and purchased some 12grams and to my surprise I was getting 10 to 12 shots off a 12 gram. Does anyone here now if I am on the right track with the sport? Now I have not tried anything with the springs yet, I was just seeing if it's worth the effort. My overall plan is to halfblock and midget this gun so could the poor effiency be related to the stock bolt. When I tried to run my sniper on 12 grams I got no more than 20 shots and that was with an older bob long bolt. I can't remember if the bolt makes a difference or not. Please excuse my rambling and let me what anyone thinks,
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Are you running the 12g changer directly into the vert asa?

I'd think it should do better than 11 or 12, as 12g blowbacks such as PTX's get at least 20. A guy on here made a 12g M98 pistol that he says gets 25.
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dump the gas through, you are wasting air!! Put the 12 gram changer in the vertical asa.
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My thought is that halfblocking will cost air as you will get more blowby on the shorter bolt towards the back of the marker. Hope that makes sense.
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I think your problem is in the springs. It's going to take some time - but you're going to need to adjust the mainspring to valve spring relationship.

There are people here who can give you more detailed reports on how to do this for 12ies - I've only worked on my guns to shoot better with my tanks - so I've never gone for max efficiency.
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I am running the changer directly into the vert asa. Last night my main thought was how many 12 grams get wasted on my idea. I really want a half blocked gun and using a sport was the cheapest way to do it. I want to run it on 12 grams to justify in my brain the need for another marker this makes four me. I know that not alot for some people but it's over kill for me, plus I have an old t stock I really want to use. When I get off duty tonight I will check the main spring to see what it is, before I go and borrow a valve tool. I only have a few springs around the house and before I go buying more I wanted to make sure that spending extra funds were worth it. If I can not get 20 shots or at least close to it I might change my mind and try something else.

I got home tonight and found a very stiff spring as the main spring and all I have is a very light spring. I swapped them and went from the 12 gram dying on the 12 shot to haveing at least 22 usable shots. The marker still work up to 43 which is alot better than last night. The marker fired a lot quieter than last night so I will have to visit a chrono and buy another set of springs. I also found out the marker was a refurb so I will still have to take a peak to see what's in the valve.

Please anyone with any ideas or hints please let me know.

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