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Everything is looking good so far, I look foreward to updates as this prject progresses. Is it still your plan to have the prototype working by WCPW? I'd really like to handle this thing while I'm there.
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How reactionary, polite and intelligent you are Canada. You make me sad.
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I don't know if this has ever been done before, but I urge you to keep the feed gate on the back of the gun and shift the entire tube forward; imagine a reverse feed with the feedcap on the back. No one is going to like smacking their goggles around with that thing, and that modification should work nicely.
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Your sister is a TIG welder? Man, I thought you were really nervous for a minute there, now I find out you were yanking my chain!

She needs a brass barrel I tell ya. Diggin the finish you put on the trigger frame.
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I'm gonna lap the sides on that frame for the hell of it

siress, problem with that being, skipped feeding, having to tilt the gun back and forth to get the last few rounds to roll in... nothing wrong with conventional SC feed. I'd like to make a springfeed at some point as well.
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First thought on the first image was "Meh, another cool looking pump ruined my centerfeed." Then I saw the stock class version. Any estimated price on this?

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Moving along nicely, I am just going to be searching these threads for the first preorder list... see if I can beat any of these vultures to the top of the list!
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starts off small at first
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May all the powers possessed by our all mighty PB god Velcor help guide you towards a successful carer as a PB Marker builder extraordinaire.
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That can't be Canadia. There's no Snow or Mooses in the picture!

Slick looking little pump though!
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A new thread? Nice. I guess I won't have to rummage through the old thread of 5 million pages anymore. I await more pictures.


/also, don't forget about the old thread when you make the preorder list
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Target pricetag is $400 for base model without barrel/reg/bottomline, SC feed will be extra.
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