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I'm sure he will, as none of it appeared to be beyond reason; except for, maybe, the curved top of the bottom tube on the body, where the sled rides. For this prototype/proof of concept gun, however, it's not economical to produce one on the machines it would take to do so (read: $1000's for the one gun).
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Its all done on CNC. easily I might add, it was designed in that fashion. I don't waste time and money on manual machining of production markers, doesnt result in a nice price for you guys, or a perfect product for me (CNC is vastly more accurate and cost effective, and capable of more beautiful work). I've been programming, setting up and running CNC for 5 years full time. The CAD models are exactly what it's going to look like, in terms of shape... in terms of physical appearance... More wonderful than any of us can imagine yet.

the operational prototype im building is to make sure the proprietary internal design functions as intended, and to give me a heads up on unforeseen issues of consideration. the result is that my production-style first-offs work exactly as intended, as well as allowing us to test the markers to their full extent, and have production models out our doors to you as soon as possible, without any performance issues.
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July 18, 2009:

First complete assembly of the Falcon (operational prototype). Marker now cocks, and will be pressure tested tomorrow (valve is installed, just gotta put some retaining screws in the velocity adjuster). Marker should likely be fired tomorrow with paint. not much more to say, other than I'm happy to report that I'm only a few days behind my schedule from a month ago, with a great deal of delays taken into account. If nothing is amiss with this prototype, I will begin preparations for production, get some quotes, refine my drawings, and sort out the financial end of things. Videos very soon!!!
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Uh oh... my gf's gotta worry... this might get more of my attention!
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I'm loving it so far
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Lovely! Looking forward to reading about the results of tomorrow's testing.
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whats the differance between it and a mini midgeted cocker? Besides the trigger frame?
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Valve train, and a whole bunch of other stuff...... It's a combo of a few guns.
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