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kaos pump le barrel and reg advice?

I haven't won the marker yet but I plan to get the azodin kaos pump limited edition. Any advice on how to choose my barrel? I don't have a lot to spend for a barrel kit so 1 barrel will have to do.Should I over bore or under bore I will have less shots so I would really like to make them count.

The gun I may be getting doesn't have a reg should I just buy a new stock reg from ansgear for like $47 shipped or some other reg, Iv'e read that some regs won't work because of the operating pressure for the kaos is to high or is this only for the older kaos pumps?

This will be my second azodin gun =) .... I had a zenith black widow before looked awesome.I sold it though, was more into milsim but none of my friends could carry the guns I let them barrow for to long.So its time for a change.

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I shot mine with a .679 CP 2-piece, and it shot beautifully. What I WANTED was a .678 Lurker, which would save you about $20. Only reason I went with the CP is because my shop owed me some store credit and they had it in stock. A .678 will let you shoot up to .686 paint without worry of breaks or rollouts, so if you're only going to have one barrel, that's the one to get.
(Later on down the road, add a .685 CP 1-piece, and then you'll be able to handle anything from .678 to .693 with only two cheap barrels)

As for a reg, I'm not sure what the operating pressure of the gun is, since there's not a gauge on it. My advice would be to get the stock Azodin reg. You could find something else cheaper but A) I can guarantee that the Azodin reg will work for you, and B) if you ever need to service it/replace a seal, Azodin customer service will take care of you wonderfully.
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ahh ... thanks for the quick reply will try and find them and i will be sure to get the stock reg.
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People say good things about the azodin regs. I hear it needs to be at or above 400psi to function properly.
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