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recommendations to upgrade the KP

Hey all,
I recently picked up a first gen KP and I am thinking of upgrading it. What have you all tried and recommend? I am thinking of maybe the single trigger, hush bolt, and maybe a threadsaver on/off "asa".
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The Hush Bolt doesn't do much.
If it's a first gen, you need a reg. I think the stock Azodin one is about $35 bucks, and it works really well.
Other than that, put on an on/off ASA and the barrel of your choice. That's all you need.
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The only other thing I would say (which isn't even necessary) would be a better feedneck. CCM has some very nice feednecks for about $30, and I love them. But, just my personal opinion. I don't trust the stock one.
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i am thinking due to it being a first gen that i will get a reg and a single trigger. also, i love my old JJ Ceramic, so a lapco adapter.
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i would also love to get it laser etched with the joker on it. possible grips that say I am an agent of Kaos.
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I had a KP awhile back with some ups on it. I had a single trigger, regulator, and feedneck. I find that a feedneck isn't totally needed, but it is what it is. I really did like, however, the single trigger.
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I have the 2011 ans SE KP and the only thing I would throw on it is a tight bore barrel. Keep in mind it already has a single trigger, on/off asa, and a reg. Of the three, the reg is the most important, followed by the single trigger, and the the tight bore barrel. The asa is really not that useful. I would go for a Lurker Eigen Barrel, its 40 bucks and a nice tight bore.
(oh, and my KP does not fart at all. Not quite sure why, maybe the reg+the azodin zero system)
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